Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beer Garden

It was fun meeting up at PickNBrew, the One Utama branch. My first time meeting Daphne and Armand (is that how you spell your name? ...or should I just call you the vampire?) And it's been a while since I have met up with Imbi and Itchy, and Kusahi Keat. Not my first time picking up WMW, but it was my first time picking up Ashley.

Anyway, before I forget, all of us will be meeting up again on Monday (26th May) 8pm at Alisan Mamak near Taman Bahagia LRT station for Mee Diau. Anyone and everyone who is free should come too! The more the merrier to enjoy the noodles and the awesome Guan Chang Kuih! You got my number, and email, if you need directions to get there.

Now, back to the meet up. When there's Imbi and Itchy, there's alcohol? HAHA!

She brought a bottle of Peach liqueur for after dinner. Sweet and strong stuff.

We didn't manage to have PickNBrew's cake (all sold off again!), but the dude from Life Vs Anime baked a Strawberry cheese cake for us. Yum yum! A bit on the sweet side but I'm not complaining. I need my dose of glucose!

A few of us head to Beer Garden in USJ14 for drinks for second round while the others retired for the night.

Short table, a lazy chair, gravel flooring...

I didn't want to move after my butt was seated. I felt to relaxed.

Booze in a jug (RM34.80), and a Sunset (RM3.80) (Sprite with plum juice)....tasted quite good.

I was seated across the chef hut. Quite interesting set up.

Poked into a plate of Taiwanese sausages. (RM7.80)

.... I like the place, and enjoyed my company. Chatted till late... which helped me destress. Now I understand why men needs their Happy Hours.

Returned One Piece which I kept for months... and pass my Yakitate Japan over before we left.

Japan #2, rice cooker bread, from Yakitate Japan.

So tired... but I can't sleep. *sign*

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10 pieces of worms:


great meeting up as well! Thanks so much for organizing the dinner!

And yesh! U got his name right! =)


yikes! that was from daphne..


ahhh, drinking session after the dinner again! wow, you guys are alcohol tolerant aren't you? lol me tak boleh tahan lah, both bladder and mata lol

see ya monday!


Yeah, I had fun that night. Been a while since I drank that much!


oh so fun to meet up for food or drinks with other floggers ... so easily. =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

haha i walked pass cova in the gardens..apparently they have a happy hour buffet tiger starting from 48++ from 5-9pm..

whens the next round?

Kenny Mah

Wow-wee.. Looks like the perfect weekend chillout time... :)


I think I'll faint this time if I drink :P


daphne/armand: hey it was great meet ya all :)

lianne: hahahaha you are the one who got us in the mood the first place ;p

j2kfm: dude, you should tell us tell us when you are down next time too :)

joe: dont know la.. im not a beer fan.. but i like the chilling out. u organize la.

kenny: sure is ...the chair made me feel soooo lazy

jason: ahh faint... hmm y? i tot u drink.. or is it beer?

Simon Seow

and u didn't invite me pftt....

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