Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fish and garlic porridge

My parents had their own agenda, so I had to cook for me and my sis. I like cooking, but only when I'm in the mood. That day, mood was not my middle name. When days like this come, I usually cook up something very simple, which requires little cleaning up.

Instead of using ginger to mask the fishy smell of the fish, I used whole cloves garlic. I didn't have to use much actually, the red snapper was fresh and was just sweet.

Boil porridge, add a little seasoning, add the garlic and boil until the garlic softens. Fish slice cooks fast so I added in five minutes before I turn the stove off. Add half a table spoon of Chinese cooking on top and closed the lid. I will always remember not to cook the wine, but let the heat to bring out and circulate the aroma to the whole pot of cooking.

Remember to pause, Eat First ;p , then continue with your routine.... even if you are not in the mood because, a simple dish can make your day.

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14 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

Looks like an expensive porridge!

Simon Seow

I don't know why, I found looking at the red skin very geli.


A very loaded porridge! WOuld be nice to go all the way and add a variety of other seafood as well, like shellfish and squid!

Kenny Mah

Hehe, what a coincidence! I just cooked porridge last night --- chicken breast, foo chook sheets, salted egg AND century egg, and goodness knows what else I added... nothing like a very wholesome congee to perk up the morning or wind down the nite, no? :)

Precious Pea

Garlic and cooking wine into porridge? Hmm..will try that one day. But i usually only marinade the fish with cooking wine before putting into the porridge. Such a comfort food hor?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

no pork?? hahah chinese cooking..u censored wine for halalness ar?..

i knw roast garlic..but nvr knew boiled garlic works just as well!


pea, only teckiee can think of such creative usage of ingrediets. always salute her :p next time must try the wine :D


whoa... me starting to cook soon.. waiting for my kitchen to be ready, surely will start cooking again..


u use rice or barley ?
looks like barley to me leh :p


self cook rice is always the best....

match our own tongue requirement....


Look at all the ingrediants in the porridge!! Nice!


But I don't like garlic...still opts for ginger then...haha


BBO: where got

Simon: hahaha a few said that to me too.

hazza: Gosh! I can taste the sweetness of the porridge if all the seafood was in there.

kenny: century egg! I love em!

precious pea: Yeah, i just love the smell of the wine.

joe: damn...i double check this post somemore. i think you can be my editor liua

babe_kl: the wine concept works with steam fish too! just put a tea spoon and leave the lid on for a minute.. works wonders.

bernsy: heyy new kitchen? must take picture and post it up!

ling239: hehe no barley in there, but good idea hor.

penang tua pui: yup, i agree.

daphne: actually 3 ingredient only hehe

mimi: hahahahha ;p


im sick....wish can eat your porridge :D

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