Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guess Guess Guess v2

Remember the Cow's Brain dessert I made? No? Well... Go see. And if you can't figure out what the brain is made off... go see.

Anyway, this is another one of those "hidden treasures" I made. I'll leave you all with the guessing. Desserts on me to the first person that guess it right.

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28 pieces of worms:

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners

Tea eggs in minestrone soup? That's the safest thing I can imagine... :P


looks more like mushrooms in stew with corns and carrots? eh, dessert hor? erm, no hints ah? :)

Precious Pea

Is this a dessert??? Certainly doesn't look like something sweet to me. Oh well..i guess it's braised peanuts in minestrone soup.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

its mushrooms! (straw and black to be exact).. spghetti sauce?


hmm.... chocolate tang yuan? lolz


kenny: Hmm it does look like tea eggs.. but those are not eggs ;p

J2Kfm: Dude.. guess some more. Its close..

Precious Pea: Close close.. but look at Joe.. his is really close.

Joe: Combine with J2kfm... very close

Christine: LOL! Nope. Sorry gal.. I have to head back to my dad's home town for my cous wedding, I cant make it for K.

Precious Pea

straw mushroom in minestrone? or peanut on spaghetti sauce? Dessert! When and where?


its those black mushroom with carrots and corn. it's not a soup right? doesn't look thick enough to be gravy. it looks like....dhal curry color to me....some kinda dipping sauce???

yes, im kiasu. i want the dessert.

p/s dont you have a prize for most enthusiastic guess? :p


Straw Mushroom, corn, carrots in tomato puree base sauce.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

aiyah m i too late?? it looks like soup/stew to me la! with all the items that has been identified..those 1 "wok sok"..


mushroom soup ala teckiee? :P


Cool... another guessing game!

I see corn, tomatoes and round floating things that look like mushrooms, but are they mushrooms? Are you trying to throw us off the trail? Could be cow eyeballs?

It's definitely a soup.
Tomato Vegetable soup with mushrooms.


I only manage to c corn & tomato..+ sweet potato ?


so the mushrooms are pretending to be eggs....
who is pretending to be mixed veggie soup look a like ? pumpkin ?


No one guessed correctly yet eh?

Mushroom, corn and tomato stew ala minestrone style? :P

Nic (KHKL)

ironman part 2?



i think i prefer brains spilling out from the skull :D seriously, it's damn cool man! (i know, poor patient...)


i'm guessing:glazed sweet potatoes or some sorta mushroom in some sorta stew with a pinch of salt, grounded pepper and corn! :P

Cokeworld Citizen

hahaha since ur last creation is cow's brain...this is cow's balls? hehe today my brain is shrewed...


LOL! thanks all for guessing.. going to post up the answer soon ...

and cow's ball? HAHAHAHA

Ling's Passion

Indiana Jones' dinner? Don't remember seeing him eating on screen. Wonder where he got all the energy....guess must be from this dish.


Mushrooms in corn and tomato gravy?


oh no. am i too late?
my guess,
vegetarian straw mushrooms, corn, carrots pasta sauce?


something like mushroom with gravy...don't know what gravy though. :P

Big Boys Oven

it that cow's testicles cooked in tomato puree!


Ewww... Fear factor style! =P


Simon Seow

Looks like mushroom to me.

brian moh

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