Thursday, May 15, 2008

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How I wished I had a bowl of this. To place beside me on a lovely dish.

To squirt the sauce all over the fish. Fish? What fish? But it rhymes doesn't it?

Who cares about the rhyme, I am just desperate to dig in to something delicious like this Coconut Souffle with a Gingered Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka) Sauce when Nigel made for Allan on his birthday.

Rant rant rant. I don't care already la. Damn stressed out right now. Some more damn freaking hard to get good deserts. HOW TO SURVIVE?! All I get is some lousy kuih and cake at the office which does not help with the stress. The Nigel and Allan la.. this FFB's chocolate molten center also... and then this Sunny raspberry cheese tart... all the nice deserts. Cake house? Pastry shops? No fight lah. You all la! I blame you all. Arhghghgh spoil my taste buds with the good stuff that I can hardly get a good fix any where else. AARHGHGHHGHGH ... I need sweet stuff! *runs berserk*

Or maybe just eat a whole plate of Wine Jelly.

I really need direction in my life.

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Kenny Mah

Oh... don't remind me of it... I still have fantasies about that wine jelly... how was I to know TWO slices = ONE glass of wine?!! :P

Me need direction too leh. Sama-sama cari?


What is photo no.1?


Your comment today left me confused. :S Food looked puzzling too .... having an off day? :)


Take a break, take a break!

Yalor, what's that on first pic?


Hey girl! Genting when? Hahaha....I want that hot cup of cocoa and sandwiches.


wat kind of dessert in pic one and two ? @_@


woohoo! not long more to KL. now in SG.

dessert huh.. hmmmm


Wine Jelly?
Will i get drunk?
Lolx. Curious how the taste likes...


wow, wine jelly! such a simple kiddo's fav dessert, turned into an adult foodie's wet dream come true? ;)


wine jelly?? wat can make us "MABUK"?!!!!

hmm.. Tham Ciak will definately swallow the whole jelly in for sure...



kenny: listen to Britney lo.. it helps. (but she also hopeless la.. direction tak tau pegi mana)

mimi, ling239: hehe sorry for the confusion. Just me doing a rant ;p. Pic 1 and 2 is a Coconut Souffle with a Gingered Palm Sugar made by Nigel.

hazza: random ranting from the clueless, that will leave her readers clueless as well ;p

jason, wmw: can we go to genting together? want to go gamble? haha

armand, the vampire: Dang.. my boss just canceled my trip to SG!!

JeromeFo: heheh no la, tipsy maybe? Taste like wine =)

j2kfm: wet dream?! HAHAHA hmm i shall make more.. and if it does come true...hahaha

penangtuapui: hahahah eh wine cannot mabuk la.. must use harder stuff

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