Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kwai lin kou

I feel so hot and dehydrated right now. I face is so fair pale. But, its was all worth it =) Ferry and Tieso were awesome yesterday! Vinn did a pretty good job for the warm up too.

How I wish I have a couple of these in my fridge right now.

My colleague bought this for me a couple of weeks back from Chong Kok Wah Tou Guan Restaurant. The usual Kwai Lin Kou (pronounce as Gui Ling in Mandarin) I have eaten do not have added herbs in them. This is one quite different as Chinese herbs are added in the cooling jelly dessert to make it even more cooling for the body.

Tasted refreshing, but left a heavy bitter taste in the mouth. Very strong Kwai fragrance to it, and the Chinese herbs lingers. I decided to add in the sugar syrup that came with. Bitter sweet. Tasted good.

I later had a chat with my colleague. I told him eating the Kwai Lin Kou reminded me of life. Sometimes life can get really get shitty, disappointing, exasperating, heart breaking and what ever that makes you feel depress. (That’s the bitter portion) But we have always a choice to make it different by putting sweetness in it. (The fragrant sugar syrup)

That is why it is nice to take a break, and do something different. Different can be sweet, not always intimidating.

Did I mention that the rave rocked? Oh yeah, I did. I'm going to type this again. The rave rocked! w00t!

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i like it to be very bitter and eat it with lots of honey...woohoo!!


wah... rave party? Jason told me bout it. Bet it was good? :)


I like the bitterness of it...


I take the gwai lin kuo sold in cans at Hai-O which I find to be highly enjoyable. They are pretty cheap too. A can costs RM1.70 to RM1.90 and if you are a member, you get a discount as well. Membership is quite cheap and can be attended to once you fill up a form at a shop. There is a Hai-O shop behind the row of shops facing TESCO Puchong, same row as as EON Bank. There is another outlet at Giant Bandar Puteri.

Enjoy yourself as I am. :)


Very strong Kwai fragrance to it??! @_@
Kwai = tortoise
so how does a tortoise smells or taste like ? :p


oh my. I love this cooling dessert..esp the hk version!

hey teckiee, I will be in KL from the 21st of May to the 28th of May. Do you think the gang could arrange to have a meet up? that weekend? Let me know! My email is if that is easier to arrange? =) Would love to finally meet with everyone!


I only like cincau!:P

Kenny Mah

Ya ya.. how does the scent of Kwai smell like? :P

Btw, love how you relate the bittersweet taste of the Kwai Ling Gou to Life... true, so true. We have to endure much, which is okay so long as we remember to add the sweet syrup that comes with it! :)



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Hehehe... faster get the pictures from your friends and post them up :P

JeromeFo- 杰龙

" Kwai lin kou " ?
Such a long time didn't try it
since i came to UK ><


jackson: aiyor.. bitter is like "sau foo" only ;p

j2kfm: hehehe party once in a bluemoon makes it even better

mimi: ahh you are like jackson...

bayi: did you see the article on the papers today.... on the rave. And thanks for the info, there's a Hai-O in SS2 near my place.

ling239: hahahhaha good question. You know who powdered instant Kwai Lin Kou? go smell that when its in hot hot water... that smell la ;p

daphne: Haik! Already making plans =)

kok: haha that I also like ;p

Kenny: Yup yup! I think the sweet life wouldnt taste nice without the bitter part.

Elmer: Thanks for the interest in my blog.

jason: One of my friends said you have got nice pics. the one where it was raining 'stars' one. I love that pic too!

jeromefo: hmm i'll be a nice person and send you a pack of instant Kwai Lin Kou powder. Email me your address =)

Simon Seow

Me no money to go rave. :(

Precious Pea

The bitter the better! You can get ones at Kong Woh Toong too..they have outlets almost everywhere. Their's is expensive but really works well if you have sore throat. Don't buy those pasar malam as they are like cincau only.


Eh you are finally revealing your face here?!?


simon: no money also need to cough out money for Ferry!!!

precious pea: the pasar malam one all sweeten when they make.. but i like those ;p not bitter ma

tankiasu: hahaha if you call that a face.. yup.. thats me :)

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