Wednesday, May 28, 2008

La La Chong

My dad was away the weekend before Mother's Day. Mom decided to head to some furniture sale some where to shop for new beds and mattresses for my new home. Mom, sis and myself ended up some where near the old Subang airport and then decided to have dinner there. There are actually plenty of seafood restaurant located in the inner parts of that area.

Anyway, since Lala Chong was near by, I suggested we head there instead.

Chicken satay. (RM7) Ordinary.

Paku (fern) shoots fried with tuna fish. (RM10) This was really something different to me. The paku was sweet naturally by itself, but to add tuna in it for extra sweetness? Tasted quite good actually. I think canned tuna was used, those with chili flavor. I don't recommend this to anyone who don't like fish though, the smell and taste of tuna lingers in the mouth.

Salted fried mantis prawns. (RM6 each) What a waste. I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to. One prawn is cut into three. The pieces were too small, and it was hard to get any meat out of it. Would have been better if they fried the prawn as a whole thing.

Fried lala bee hoon. (RM10) Ordinary, I guess. They used a lot of small little cute lala in the bee hoon. It gave out a lot of the seafood taste to the noodles but some how I felt like something was missing when I couldn't chew on the lala.

Honey baked mackerel. (RM18) Good stuff, and I think it would be something I can do at home. The fish was fresh and sweet. And I totally like it because there's no fish bones to bother with!

Salted egg fried crab. (1kg for RM47) We manage to finish all the other dishes, so when we were served this, ....we ask for it to be packed to go instead. I ended up having it a day after. Taste wise was quite alright but I wished I could have eaten the crabs fresh from the wok. Would have tasted better.

Overall I thought it was a nice place for seafood. Got to go early and book a nice table in the right location though. The evening sun shines into the restaurant and can be a little annoying to the eyes for those sitting facing the entrance.

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Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners

Wah such a delicious dish to tapau... and imagine having it the next day... ;)


yeaa .. is a very nice restaurant , and didnt u order the lamp. is very nice also .. :P
opps.. makes me hungry ary morning already :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving

go la la but nvr order la la??

the mantis prawns looks huge d..wan bigger sommore ar?


the Honey baked mackerel looks really good!!


honey baked mackerel looks so delicious....

Precious Pea

I went to Kuala Selangor last Saturday and bought back HUGE mantis prawn for only RM1.20 per prawn.

Heard so much about lala chong. Must go one day.

-kent- f0 粉肠

salted crab always my favourite haha!!



two of you eat so much???

Simon Seow

Heard about this place long ago from a friend but still haven't been there lol.


tapau the crabs? *_* aiks ... lost your appetite ah? hehe ...


egg yolk crabs... i havent seen that one before!


I thought all the restaurant there already closed down. The last time i went there was 10 years ago.
Will go check it out when i back.
Nice review


I agree they should had cooked the mantis prawns whole. Guess you bit into more shells than meat.

So how you like your new home/area?


I was told their signature lala dish is totally out of this world, and I can vouch for it....

Jerome - they have another branch at Ara damansara now... ;)


kenny: The crab wasnt nice the next day =(

catsndogs: nope..the lamb good?

joe: pic look big only ma... its small actually

ling239, mimid3vils: ohh yeah that was good. They even give japanese pickles on the side.

precious pea: WAHHHH thats cheap!!! What did you do with it? What style you use to cook them?

kent: me too! ... but i think i know a lot of types of crab.

wen: weee weee! u coming back next week!

Simon: Hm... nothing special to me lor. They have their nice dishes.. but they also have their just soso.

j2kfm: No la. Too full... cannot eat the crabs liua.. so had to ta pau

jeromefo: The restaurant doing quite well I think. Have not close yet.

tummythoz: Not moving in until late this year. Things are moving slow.

bernsy: Hmmm i wonder how come I didnt order lala. Maybe next time.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Hi teckiee
Sorry i havent been leaving comments but be rest assured i hv been coming here pretty often, just didnt want to say anything un-intelligent ; ) Again, u hv made me drool with the sight of seafood, that day i almost wanted to buy crabs, they sell 3 big pieces all cut into half for 15 euros (thats about 40 singapore dollars!!) aiyah i put it back, told myself wait until i go back home next year then can eat all the crab i want! Well, anyways, hugs for a gd weekend.

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