Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oyster porridge

This weekend was dedicated to work. Every item on my teams' health check review needs a piece of me to complete. I was anticipating the work but not this much! I felt like running away, i run away, to Genting? to have sweet stuff, cakes and ice creams.

I'm like a slave (for you) to my team now. Cleaning up all this isn't fun. Some old issues which was already solved were brought up again. It was like Baby hit me one more time except Britney does it better.

The heat is not helping either. It's so hot. Made me want to Get Naked.

The hard part is just beginning. I hope by end of the month, I will still have the energy to say gimmie more.

What I really need now is lots of sweet cakes, deserts and cool air.

Not oyster porridge. Though I wouldn't mind if someone else cook this for me.

I have used ikan bilis soup to boil the porridge. Boiled dried oysters and fried shallots in them. Add a few fillet of chicken. Top it off with some sesame oil and spring onions. Easy right? ... so anyone wants to make for me?

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Very nice! Are these actually mussels (ho see) rather than oysters? Never seen dried oysters before.


looks delicious.... ^_^

Kenny Mah

Hehe, the oyster porridge looks heavenly but what went through my head was, "Wah, she's still in her Britney mood hor?"

... time to switch to some Tiesto, babe, dah makan bao-bao liao... :P


Agrees and laughs at Kenny's comment...What's the title again? It's all good or was it oit's going to get better? Hahahah...


Ah familiar porridge ingredients to me. *still reeling from your garlic porridge post.*


Oh boy. I hv to try using that in my porridge the next time round!


hazza: aiy hoo see is not oysters hor.. yeah its the mussels

ling239: yes yes very nice.. wanna make for me? hehe

kenny, unka: haha..i'm just glad everyone is safe... WHAHAHAHA

tummythoz: no one at home.. nothing to cook..desperate ..need to use what ever i can.

daphne: hmm when u come down.. you have to bring u for porridge .. but have to wake up very early..



Baby hit me one more .. you surely hit the nail on this one when it comes to those situation.

Me cannot cook for you lah, coz me damn lazy lately. The weather suck and getting close to the stove ah, pengsan. But can buy you a nice, cooling drink :-)


Wow." Hou Shi " porridge.
Those days my mum used to cook like that too.=)


My God... Britney songs embedded into your every day thought now? You must be stressed...

Let's go Genting and have all the sweets and cakes when I get back. ;-)

Ei your idea with the porridge very coowl! I wanna try out oso. But will replace the mussels with something else.



haha, Britney's fan? :)
she has issues though .. but
Why Should I Be Sad? =P


the chuk looks good, but i don like hou see...

usually leave them one side, then mom would screams at me for wasting hou see...


arrrooooo ... i read in facebook you potong rambut ah? wahhh .. the RAVE in PD must be so kencang until you cannot tahan the heat huh lol

btw; see you tonight and *close face* you've been tagged :-) check out details at my blog.


lianne: 8 things ah... okok

Jeromefu: typical Chinese thing I guess? Adds a lot of the sweetness to the porridge.

Nat: I miss u...come back quick ;p

j2kfm: Hais.. all the celeb's have their issues.. some how Britney becomes the target only.

Bernsy: hahahahha same here... but i learn to like it.

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