Monday, June 16, 2008

Amuse Buche

I'm feeling lucky on Google for 'Amuse Buche' is "a sort of pre-appetizer, a bite or two of something tasty,..."I had no idea what amuse buche was until that Thursday night at Cavallini's in Palace of the Golden Horses.

I was lucky enough to have Chef Simon Sim's Tuna Tataki with Sea Whelk. He later mentioned, "my amuse buche for you". I went blank "Huh". He later explained to me that Amuse Buche is a small little serving of the chef's special. Quite a different explanation from Yahoo! Answers, but none the less, the Tune Tataki was juicy and delicious.

I don't really like tuna uncooked, but this semi cooked version was superb. Chef Simon told me that this can me easily done at home. Marinade the fish with salt, pan seal it on a hot pan with olive oil for a few seconds. Top the meat with grounded black pepper and slice to strips. The pan seal technique really sealed all the juices and aroma of the fish, and the best part, the natural sweetness of fresh tuna.

A few weeks after that, I got even luckier when Chef Wilfred Lim served us his amuse buche, the Bruschetta with Bell Peppers, Anchovies and Sundried Tomatoes. By first glance I knew I will like this Bruschetta. Why? Because the bread was toasted before the toppings are placed on top. I enjoyed the combination of sweetness of the vegetables used, the sourness sundries tomatoes, and the fragrant salt (yet sweet) taste from the anchovies.

Amuse Buche? Yes amusing to the mouth!

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I ate tuna tataki before too. And yes, the tuna is really cooked as the way you stated. Skin is cooked but the meat is raw.

Make me hungry nia... =d

mama bok

Ahhh.. yer lucky..!!

Keropok Man

ooo.. i want some amuse buche to amuse me too...

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners

Yay for Cavalini's... I'll be blogging about them soon, I hope.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

normally i get more amused at the prices of such dishes if i had to pay for it!

Simon Seow

when la i'll be able to fine dine?


that is a mouthful and something refreshingly new !


*wipes drool


742: ahhh you kaki jap.. surely made some of your own before.

mama bok: hehehe i know ;p

keropok man: hey hey, see u on sat!

kenny: I cant believe I missed out Ricky Palanti!!! After so so soooo long.. I thought you were going to post a real food review.

joe: Ahh amuse buche are usually on the house :)

simon: aiyah, nothing special. back lane better.

bsg: hahaha back lane better!!

jason: can DIY.. easy ...I think ;p


golden horse! far from my side ):


vennesa: one time ok ma. which area do you live?

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