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Chef Wilfred Lim

Chef Wilfred is currently the executive sous chef at the Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I was offered a chance meet and witness Chef Wilfred performing in the kitchen, I could not say no! Opportunity come, opportunity taken! I manage to get the recipes for sharing too.

And if anyone was curious, Chef Wilfred Lim Chia Loon’s favorite tool in the kitchen is just the very simple spoon.

Capasante E Gamberi Con Pomodoro Sechi E Balsamico.
Sautéed Sea Scallops and Prawns with Avocado, Sundried Tomato, Onion, Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar on Crispy Arugula Leaves


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160 gm Scallops
30 ml Balsamic vinegar
160 gm Tiger Prawns
150 gm Unsalted butter
12 nos Avocado balls
2 pkt Arugula lettuce
40 gm Onion chopped
4 nos Fresh Chives
40 gm Garlic chopped
15 ml Olive Oil
1 tsp Mixed herbs
60 gm Sundried tomato julienne
40 ml White wine
to taste Black pepper crusted
to taste Salt

1. Heat sauté pan with olive oil.
2. Add in seasoned scallops and prawns, follow by chopped onion and garlic, mixed herbs, sundried tomatoes and avocado.
3. Glazed with balsamic vinegar and white wine.
4. Reduced until consistent.
5. Mounted with unsalted butter.
6. Meanwhile, arrange the arugula leaves onto a plate.
7. Spoon in the seafood salad.
8. Garnish with fresh chives and server hot.

Brofo Di Crostacei Con Zefferano E Basilico

Sea Whelk Broth with Saffron Filaments, Broccoli, Fresh Basil and enhanced with Pernod


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12 nos Sea Whelk
5 gm Saffron filaments
50 gm Tomato diced
16 nos Broccoli florets
20 ml White wine
8 ml Pernod
60 gm Onion chopped
50 gm Garlic
10 gm Fresh shredded basil
15 ml Olive oil
1 ltr Fish stock
to taste Salt
to taste White pepper powder

1. Heat up soup pan with olive oil.
2. Sauté onion and garlic chopped, add in sea whelk, and follow by diced tomato.
3. Glazed with Pernod and white wine.
4. Add in saffron filaments.
5. Pour in fish stock and let to boil.
6. Add in broccoli, basil shredded and season to taste.
7. Garnish with fresh basil and served hot.

Risotto Alla Milanese
Classic Milanese Style Risotto topped with slices of Grana Valdano cheese


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200 gm Arborio Rice
80 gm Onion chopped
80 ml White wine
1 ltr Chicken stock
80 gm Unsalted butter
5 gm Saffron filaments
3 slices Grana Valdono cheese

1. Heat up the sauce pan.
2. Sweat chopped onion with butter.
3. Add in Arborio rice and sauté. Pour in the white wine.
4. Add in chicken stock. The rice will absorb liquid while cooking. So there is always enough stock on hand when needed.
5. Follow by the saffron
6. The rice should be al dente when ready.
7. Lift the pan away from the heat and finish with butter and Parmesan cheese.
8. Serve immediately with separate bowl of shaved Parmesan.

Arrosto Di Agnello Con Ragu Di Funghi
Roasted Mustard-Crust Rack of Lamb with Summer Vegetables, Potato Lollipops, Porcini-Thyme Ragout and Rosemary-Balsamic Sauce


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880 gm Lamb rack
3 tbsp Dijon mustard
200 gm White breadcrumb
12 nos Green asparagus tips
8 nos Baby carrot
160 gm Mashed potato
1 nos Egg wash
100 gm Flour
60 gm Dried Porcini mushroom
120 gm Fresh button mushroom
10 gm Fresh thyme
1 ltr Lamb juice
100 ml Cooking cream
100 ml Cooking cream
12 gm Fresh rosemarry
150 ml Balsamic vinegar
5 nos Garlic clove crushed
3 nos Whole shallot
100 ml Olive oil
100 gm Unsalted butter
500 ltr Cooking oil
50 gm Onion chopped
50 gm Garlic chopped
to taste Salt
to taste Black pepper crushed

1. Sear lamb rack with olive oil in a sauté pan.
2. Rub with mustard and coat with breadcrumb, pour some olive oil on top and roast in the oven for 20 mins.
3. For sauce, reduce Balsamic with garlic clove, shallot, rosemary, add in lamb juice and simmer.
4. For ragout, sauté onion, garlic, mushrooms and thyme with olive oil. And in lamb juice and cream. Season to taste.
5. Coat the potato balls with flour, egg wash, breadcrumb and deep-fry in oil.
6. Meanwhile, blanch the asparagus and carrot, sauté with butter, onion, garlic and season to taste.
7. Arrange the lamb rack onto a plate.
8. Follow by the vegetables and potato lollipops.
9. Spoon in the mushroom ragout and follow by the sauce.
10. Clean the plate and garnish with rosemary sprigs.
11. Serve hot.

Tips: Marinade lamb in olive oil overnight to tenderize the meat.
Potato balls can be prepared in advanced and kept in the freezer. Potato balls should be in room temperature before it is deep fried.

Coda Di Rospo Con Gamberoni E Zafferano
Pan-Fried Monkfish Fillet-King Prawn with Creamy Saffron-Cod Liver Veloute and Baby Carrots on Homemade Fine Squid Ink Pasta


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60 gm X 4 Monkfish
100 g X 4 King Prawn
5 gm Saffron filaments
50 ml Cooking cream
1 can Cod liver
150 ml Fresh milk
15 ml Roux
Half nos Onion whole
4 nos Cloves
12 nos Green asparagus tips
8 nos Baby carrot
240 gm Squid ink pasta
100 ml Olive oil
80 gm Unsalted butter
80 gm Onion shopped

1. Season the monkfish and king prawn well with fresh herbs.
2. Pan-sear the fish and prawn with olive oil and bake for 10 minutes.
3. For the sauce, reduce milk with onion and cloves. Add in saffron, cream and thicken with roux. Add in the cod liver and season well.
4. Blanch the asparagus and carrot, sauté with butter, onion, garlic and season to taste.
5. Blanch the pasta al dente, toss with olive oil and season well. Scoop the pasta with a food tong onto a plate.
6. Arrange the fish and prawn on the pasta.
7. Follow by the vegetables on the side.
8. Pour in the sauce and garnish with fresh thyme.
9. Serve hot.

Tips: Cook pasta until ¾ cooked and lay on a flat tray. Drizzle olive oil on the pasta. Let the warm of the pasta cook the pasta further. Paste will cook to al dente after blanching.

Spaghettini al Aragosta ‘Olio Aglio’
Fine Thin Spaghetti with U.S Live Lobster, Chili Flakes, Garlic, White Wine, Anchovy Paste and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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1 pkt Spaghettini
400 gm U.S. live lobster
120 gm Garlic flake
To taste Chili flakes
120 gm Tomato diced
80 gm Broccoli Florets
100 ml White wine
200 ml Fish stock
80 ml Extra virgin olive oil
4 sprigs Fresh basil
To taste salt
To taste Crushed black peppercorn

1. Blanch the pasta until al dente and set aside.
2. Heat up pasta pan, pour in the olive oil.
3. Slightly sauté the garlic but not brown.
4. Add in the lobster meat, tomato and anchovy paste.
5. Follow by chili flakes and broccoli florets.
6. Glazed with white wine and let it reduce to require consistency.
7. Pour in fish stock and season well.
8. Add in pasta, coriander leaves and toss well.
9. Finish with olive oil.
10. Garnish with fresh basil and serve hot.

Medaglione Di Manzo Con Fegato Di Oca E Barolo
Grilled Medallion of Beef Tenderloin with Pan-Fried Goose Lover, Green Asparagus, Garlic-Mashed and Red Wine Sauce


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180 gm X 4 Beef medallions
30 gm X 4 Goose liver
12 nos Green asparagus tips
8 nos Baby carrots
40 gm Roasted garlic cloves
320 gm Mashed potatoes
80 ml Cooking cream
40 gm Unsalted butter
20 gm Onion chopped
20 gm Garlic chopped
500 ml Beef juice
150 ml Barolo wine
200 gm Shallot chopped
40 ml Olive oil
4 sprigs Rosemary sprigs
1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
To taste Salt
To taste Crushed black peppercorn

1. Season beef with salt and black peppercorn.
2. Seared the beef in a hot pan with olive oil and baked in the oven for 20 minutes, 180C.
3. For sauce, sweat the shallot with oil, reduce with Barolo wine and pour in beef jus and reduce again.
4. For potato, roast the garlic inside the oven for 15 minutes; stir occasionally to prevent it from burning. Mashed the garlic with a knife blade and mix it into the mashed potato. Stir in cream and season well.
5. Blanch the vegetables, sauté with butter, onion, garlic and season well.
6. When the sauce is ready, blend it and fine strain. Return to heat again and check seasoning.
7. Meanwhile, heat up a sauté pan with olive oil, quickly pan-sear the goose liver and glazed with balsamic vinegar
8. Pipe the mashed potato into a plate; place the beef on top with vegetables aside.
9. Place the goose liver on top of the beef.
10. Spoon in the sauce, garnish with rosemary and serve immediately.

Banana E Gelato Alla Vaniglia
Caramelized Montel Banana with Pastry Cream, Crushed Pistachio and Vanilla Ice Cream


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4 nos Montel banana
4 tbsp Pastry cream
50 gm Crushed Pistachio nuts
4 scoops Vanilla ice cream
To taste Fine sugar
To taste Brown sugar

1. Half banana and place it on a piece of parchment paper and aluminum foil.
2. Sprinkle some white and brown sugar on the banana.
3. Warp the aluminum foil and put it into the oven and baked for 15 minutes.
4. Take out the parcel and open it.
5. Scoop in the ice cream and sprinkle some Pistachio nuts onto it.
6. Tied up the parcel again and served immediately.

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