Sunday, June 08, 2008

Side track...

I know, I know, I haven't been updating as frequently as I want to recently. Life have been busy, and I'm really trying hard to coup with everything that is around me right now. I just came back from my Dad's hometown, Pangkor. My cousin's wedding on Saturday, and my grandma's birthday luncheon today.

According to my uncle, this restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Pangkor Island.

I didn't manage to take picture of the dishes served. I actually could have, but I wanted everyone at my table to enjoy their food while it is still hot ;p Here's what I did manage to capture.

The first dish that was served during my cousin's wedding dinner. See... people already digging in. I feel so "pai sheh" to ask people to hold so I could feed my camera.

My niece licking off the vanilla ice cream from her come. Later she said "Mommy mommy I want to swin too", her mom said "Finish your ice cream first", and she said "I don't want already" hehehe. I was suppose to join them but it started to rain and I fell asleep. Sorry cousies, I was really tired and I really need to catch up on some sleep.

The next morning, I felt for the beach. Initially I thought I could get some quiet time to read a book, enjoy the sun. Alas, there were plenty of people. So... I started to hunt for things to feed my camera.

I found plenty of these "oh". There were mussels every where all over the rocks. Many of them were pry opened and the inside taken out. Maybe one of them ended up on one of my plate of "oh chien".

Saw this little snail too. I remember when I was in Cambodia, I had a lot of these. They are found near rocks in river banks,...and I think drains too. Kind of dirty, but delicious dirty little fellars.

You can't really see this red creature in this picture. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Looks juicy ;p

I climbed quite high up on the rocky areas for a good picture of the sea. I found this poor little flatten soft shell crab on the rocks. I didn't want to dirty my shorts so I have to kneel in a funny way to take a nice shot of this crab. Some kinds near by was laughing at my butt up in the air ... but it was worth it.

Saw this pomegranate tree on the way back to the house from the beach. Good stuff... almost wanted to pluck it!

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Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners

Your family's originally from Pangkor... wah, enjoy the sun and sand and sea growing up? Nice...


i know what you mean, i usually 'pai seh' to take pictures during dinners like that with so many at the table waiting to pounce on to the food ...he-he


so the flatten soft shell crab is not alive... wonder how it ended up so high ~

Nic (KHKL)

so funny lar, that pic with the aunty picking up the food with her she's absolutely unaware of the presence of a food blogger liddat..haha! ya lah, i will also feel pai seh.


I miss Pangkor ^^

"Joe" who is constantly craving

sometimes u just need to unwind and live life as it computer normally does u more good then bad..dont worry


u should pluck the fruit!! haha


the "oh" damn geli like hehehehe, but once inside the mouth, forgotten how it came from lol


interesting array of pictures in this post! :)


cute cousin =) and hope u had a great time with your family!


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Half expected you to just pick those shells off the rocks & gulp.


hehe .. fresh sashimi snails? =P
of course, you being the 'yeh mei' queen, I also half expected you to swallow a snail or two. haha ...


kenny: My dad is from Pangkor.. yeah..a lot of sun sea sand.. but too much is really boring.

rokh: yeah... if its people close to me still ok one... but got old folks.. they will have no idea what I'm trying to do.

ling239: hmm i think if high tide.. the crab can get there easily.

nic: hahaha yeahh.. i wanted to ask her to hold on.. but .. hahahah dont want lah

jason: pangkor boring la.. redang beach nicer

joe: actually im getting the hang of not using the pc (at home), work crazy hours at work ..really no mood to see the PC already

mimid3vils: HAHAHAHA u need to change your nick to mimin0ttie!

lianne: geli meh? i saw this show on tv.. those fisherman collect the "oh" then they eat those really huge ones raw.. that one lagi geli!

sc: =) hahaha i should do this more often then.

dapne: hehe my neice actually

tummythoz,j2kfm: hahaha i dont dare man! later stick to my throat!


Looks like you have so much fun leh! I also wanna go Pangkor!


Ok la. Since you apologized then I shall forgive you. hehe. I've got the Orh Nee (yam paste) up in my blog. Make sure you post up the recipe in your blog. Oh, don't forget to check out your pic. teheehee

Crunchasarus Rex

Yah.. Chinese wedding hard to take pictures lah.. understandable.. :) but i love my 10 course wedding dinners.. and missed them.. :(

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