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This picture of Chef Simon Sim doesn't do him justice. He looks too serious! Manage to spend a few hours chatting with this down to earth chef and later on taste his cooking.

Chef Simon is currently the Chef de Cuisine at the Palace of Golden Horses Hotel. heading the kitchen at the hotel's Italian restaurant, Cavallini's.

The bar located opposite the entrance was the first thing that caught my eyes. Well lited with all the colors and the bar tender was tossing and turning the bottles performing his tricks.

I found a spot in the restaurant which reminded me of a chill out place for cigars for the Mafia's. HAHAHA.. looks way too cool.

The dinning areas were really nice too.

Perfect place for a romantic dinner for two.

Which waiting for Chef Simon's dishes, we snacked on bread and dippings that was on the table.

Tuna with black sesame topped with Sea Whealk with Balsamic dressing. I usually prefer my salmon and butter fish when it comes to sashimi, and most of the time give the tuna a pass. But this I really like. The tuna was pan seared, the outer layer is cooked, forcing all the juice and fragrance to be locked in the middle. Superb stuff.

Smoked Salmon, Crab Meat and Avocado Roulade with Caviar and Dill Dressing. Having this reminds me of fresh delicious sushi's from Singapore. Yum Yum!

Julienne of Vegetables with Mix Seafood, glazed with Sambuca. 10/10! The touch of Sambuca with the sweetness of vegetables and seafood was perfect! 3 types of sweetness meshed into one. I will always remember this soup whenever I have my flaming Sambuca.

What's a flaming Sambuca? Pour yourself a shot of Sambuca, top it off with a coffee bean or two. Flame the top. Suck the drink dry with a straw and chew on the bean.

Roasted rack of lamb marinated with Harrisa with rosemary garlic juice. I had no idea what Harrisa was until that night. I can have more of those Harrisa anytime. Harrisa is this mild chili thing with lots of spices. It really matches the juicy meat from the rack of lamb.

Panfried fillet of Black Cod and King Tiger Prawn with cream Saffron Gorgonzola Sauce. One this really bad about having good food is that the more good food you eat, the more demanding your taste buds grows. I don't think I will every enjoy blue cheese as much as before after tasting Gorgonzola cheese. Looks the same on the outside but Gorgonzola smells much better and stronger and it doesn't taste bitter if I have too much of it. Gorgonzola with the fish? Awesome!

Thin spaghetti with shrimps, zucchini sauté in extra virgin olive oil. This tasted a more to the spicy side because Chef Simon added some homemade chili flakes. The sauce looked clear but very flavorful.

Grilled Beef Mesallion and Goose Liver with Boleus mushroom black truffle sauce. The foie gras was flamed in wine before it is topped off on the medium rare beef. The truffle sauce added the extra kick to this dish combining the flavor of the beef and foie gras.

Tiramisu. I'm a big dessert fan, but sadly this was not up to my expectations. I think I expected too much. But can't blame me because the starters and mains were excellent!

Pralines. Hmm just like paralines I guess.

After resting the stomach. We sat down and chatted with Chef Simon. One interesting story Chef Simon told me as about the days when he was cooking for folks on a oil rig. It was a 3 week on the job shift and when he was at the rig, he said that he made salted fish by hanging fresh filet trout under the oil rig. The salt in the air in the middle of the sea will be blow dry the fish and slowly salten up the fish. Sounds like a delicious salted fish to me!

Oven was still burning while we chatted. So...

Chef Simon made a pan of Seafood pizza. I was so full so I only manage to have one piece. Should have "ta pau" (take away) the rest ;p

I left Cavallini's with a sastified tastebuds and really full stomach =)

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Lyrical Lemongrass

What amazing looking food. What's the pricing like?

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

Haha, I met Chef Simon and I agree he's not too serious. Fun guy.

And gosh I miss those pralines... so good. :d


I can only imagine the price you paid, had it not been a food review. :)

wow, means your discerning tastebuds now definitely will forsake the humble cheddar/parmesan? =P

"Joe" who is constantly craving

haha no pricing? how m i game enuf to go visit when i m spotting foie gras in ur meals!


the Vegetables with Mix Seafood is a soup ? looks really good....

Nic (KHKL)

that's quite a lot of dishes there! my fave is of course the one with the foie gras...hehehe...

and there's a pizza after dessert! wah liao eh!


woh! that's alot of food that day! and what a honor to hv a chat with chef simon! lucky u.


ll: aiyak....tau makan saja. But I remember seeing the price for the tiramisu.. RM20 I think.

kenny: he looks so stern hor

j2kfm: the bill would have burned both my pockets.

joe: hahahahaha u and your foie gras!

ling239: I think the sambuca in it. Really good stuff.

nic, daphne: eat until siow already. the pizza was a killer!


Yeah, the chef looks like gonna "cook" you instead!


What's the pricing like?


jason: hahahahah yeah he does.. but lucky im not meaty enough to be cooks. ribs maybe haha

chuah: hmm RM200ppax maybe

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