Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Cave

Apple is finally back from the down under Land of Oz! w00t! We went *ahem* caving.

The Cave, Jln SS2/61 located at the same row as McDonalds in the SS2 square. (03-7873 9888)

24 hours couple cafe and restaurant..... if they had proper doors, this will really be a "couples cafe".... if you get what I mean ;p

I love the concept of The Cave. A waiting area on the ground floor for waiting and a bar. The first and second floor are "caves", separate rooms which can fit 2 to 8 people depending on the size of the cave. And every cave has their own plugs. Mine had 3 of them laptop friendly. w00t! On the third floor is an open area which can fit up to maybe about 50 pax? The air conditioning was really good. Maybe way too good. I was freezing like mad at my cave but thank goodness the restaurant have shawls for me to borrow.

A bar is also located on the third floor, but too bad The Cave serves only beer and wine. No cocktails =(

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Salad with Cream Cheese Sauce. One nice piece of smoked salmon, and I enjoyed this dish cold.

Wild Mushroom Puree Scented with Honshimeji Mushroom Ragout was recommended by one of the staff. I was expecting something more from this soup. Something seems to be missing.

Linguine Ocean Seafood Mariana was a little disappointing or me. Somehow Marianas' and me don't go well together. I have yet to find a seafood pasta which I enjoy.

The Strawberry Cheese cake saved the day. Smooth and rich, and the best part, not so sweet. Quite good cake.

The whole bill came up to roughly RM75 which I found a little on the pricey side for just moderately yummy food. But that said, I really like the caves and the privacy. I think I can find myself here on the weekends just to hand out with the laptop.

Anyway after dinner, it was Holga time. I think I want to get one of these. Who needs a SLR when Holga is here? Saw a whole bunch of cool pictures that people took with the Holga... really interested in it now.

Apple and his Holga. I had way too much fun tonight! =D Can't wait till Sunday.

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19 pieces of worms:


SS2? same area with Murni there ah?
lost Ipohan here.
so different concept la. means the cave NOT underground? the setting only? cool.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

interesting concept..if i feel like batman..i will sure come n visit!


have shawls to let ? not bad...

food not so good, but can go try having meal in a cave seems cool though ~ :p

Cokeworld Citizen

eh eh here got sell holga?

Mushroom Puree...hmmm missing the chunks of mushrooms izzit? hehe

Precious Pea

From the outside, it does look fishy hor?

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners

Hey, I drop by SS2 all the time! Didn't even know this place existed... very the well hidden, issit? :P


OMG!!!!! I like the cavi-ness of it! Must go there this sun for dinner!



Ha!! I just passby this place last week, so curious 1 2 go inside...Attractive frontage!!!


What a name! hehee.. But the food sounds reasonable only though. Glad the cake saved it.


hey girl..i just posted my review on this place as well..such a waste that the food's not good huh?


Food not good but I think it makes a good place for costume party!

Big Boys Oven

walio! I am sure you enjoyed yourelf in one of the caves! lol! you know what I mean! :)


Thanks for introducing. I always pass by but too dodgy, dare not enter. haha, might be a trap there


Will go and check out the place and leave my expectation for good food at home :o)


J2Kfm: Walking distance from Murni actually

Joe: HAHAHA they should show batman 2 there

ling239: yups.. and its free.. i didnt have to pay for "rental" hehe

Cokeworld Citizen: my friend bought from Singapore.. but can get it here at Room

Precious Pea: actually looks like a club when i saw .. i tot filled with music and alcohol

Kenny Mah: Its a cave ma.. of cos hidden hahaha. Same row as McD's

Nat: should bring the gang there next time

mimid3vils: yup..looks cool... dark..

daphne: maybe because im a dessert person?

KampungboyCitygal: ah i'll go check it out

Big Boys Oven:


jason: eh actually yeah hor.. very nice venue for costume party.

Big Boys Oven:

allaboutattitude: hahaha actually sounds dodgy, feels doggy from the outside.. but inside really nice.

wmw: remember to wear something thicker. cold there

Bryan Hoo

do u mind i use your the cave photo and put in my blog??
if u mind please let me know at my blog then i will remove it okay?
anyway, nice blog ~ =)


I've been there a few times (since a fren works there) and imo, the services has gone from bad to worse. The food, which was quite good at the start, is now ridiculously bad, especially given the price you pay.

Of cos curious of this development, I asked my fren working there and according to him, the restaurant is a rather bad paymaster and servers are lacking of motivation and their main chefs are heading like a beeline to the exits.


hey apple, i wus just browsing about the cave then i got into ur blog. an then i saw u holding HOLGA. I owned it too..exactly the same. but i have a question, i tried to use it but when i go to the photo zzoom shop, they said they cant process the film. have u ever try to process the film? its wasted u know? till now, i never u sed my holga again, i just keep it in my room, but i want to use it badly! if u dun mind, would u share ur advise/info with me?

email me :


hey, wanna ask RM75 for 3 person? btw is there any SET dinner? and will it cost expensive? =]

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