Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chili cornflakes

I had a few box of corn flakes at home which have only about 2 to 3 months of shelf life left. Eat cornflakes everyday? Make cornflakes cookies? I didn't have time to do all that so I gave my colleague a box to experiment with and guess what?


The results of her experiment was successfully!

She made chili, fried ikan bilis and brown groundnuts and mix them all together with the cornflakes. She let it soak up all the chili and kept the chili cornflakes air tight. A really good home made snack!!!

[Edit Tuesday 15 July 2008]
Since I received a few emails asking for the recipe, here goes.

- 1 small bottle of chili boh
- 5 shallots, dices finely
- 5 cloves of garlic, dices finely
- Sugar and salt to taste
- Ikan bilis
- Groundnuts

1. Fry groundnuts in oil until golden brown. Set aside
2. Fry ikan bilis until golden brown. Set aside.
3. Reuse the ikan bilis oil, heat oil and add shallots and garlic.
4. Add chili boh and stir until fragrant. Or until the red chili oil starts to rise.
5. Add sugar and salt to taste and add a little water to dissolve the sugar. Stir.
6. Test the consistency of the chili by dipping a piece of cornflakes in it. The chili should stick to the cornflakes without turning it soggy. Add more water is too thick, or reduce to preferred thickness.
7. When ready, turn off the fire and stir in corn flakes. Let to cool.
8. Mix groundnuts, ikan bilis and the chili corn flakes in a bottle and store air tight.

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18 pieces of worms:


huh? Malaysian-ized version of hybrid/fusion snacks? *_*

though cornflakes are OK, since it's salty. luckily not Frosties were used! ehhe ...


hmm... never think of this at all...

Chili cornflakes?!!! will "cirit-birit" one a?

Ms. _______ 2 be !

Chili... great idea!


J2Kfm: wahh if frosties terlalu sweet already

penangtuapui: hehehe i ate almost half the pack and i was still ok ;p

ms. 2 be: yup yup, so easy to make too!

Precious Pea

So clever. Looks like kacang putih!

Big Boys Oven

this sounds very deliteful, something to try and some to have!


what type of chili to use? Fresh chili or chili sauce or sambal?


very localised...hahahaaaa


so creative..good job!


wow..that's like..so fusion!


I've been eating corn flakes for...... countless days! ;P

Let me go find some peanuts first. Thx gal!
Saving me from being drowned with corn flakes and milk EVERYDAY ;P

Xiu Long Bao

As creative as you can go :) good job!

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

I haven't eaten cornflakes in YEARS. This just might persuade me to return for a bite. ;)


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P.pea: actually its like the malay chilied tapioca snack

bbo: very simple to make too!

mimid3vils: Chili boh...i'm going to update this post with the recipe soon

ling239: memang pun ;p

kampungboycitygal , daphne: thumbs up for my colleague =)

Christine: girllll eat more local food there la... why cornflakes?

XLB: not me leh ;p

Kenny: u kidding? nvm.. remind me to get you one packet the next time i see u

Q: thanks for the update


Wah... I want!!!


Here is one more item I can offer my kid for their tiffin. This would be healthy for them too.


jason: ahem.. you have your own kitchen now.. you make for me la ;p

Dazy: I wish my mom would make me some...hehe

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