Sunday, July 27, 2008

Individual Cheesecakes

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!

This is why I LOVE using recipes from Joy of Baking. Every single recipe I tried from this site always turns out awesome.

Click here for this individual cheesecake recipe from Joy of Baking.

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9 pieces of worms:


Cheh...what happen to our mission? The starting of this post was a great opportunity! ROFL!!!!!!!!



Omg... that site is a major treasure tove! Exploration galore!


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Since u hv introduced this website sometime back, it has also helped me alot Teckiee! I hv made many delicious cookies from here, truly idiot friendly website! I hv recommended it to all mums out there heheheheh ; ) Will try this one when i hv enough courage, looks abit challenging.


Oh nicely done! My cheesecake always turn out.. odd... must visit that webbie.


Err what mission r wmw & u on?

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥

that 3 hitam hitam are chocolates or what har?


Hi teckiee, fancy cooking some noodles for this year's Merdeka Virtual Open House? This year's theme is Mee and My Malaysia.


wmw: aiyahh i posted this before our mission started ler.

Nat: aiyah ..nvm.. i told u cakes and wine will be on me for the house party rite.. i'll make em

mush: looks challenging but honestly its not =)

daphne: ah? odd ah? like how?

tummythoz: to reinstall the real meaning of being gay! == happy.

alvin: thats berries ;p

babe_kl: yes count me in! I never miss out Merdeka Open House!


What is the sour cream? Did you use unsalted butter?

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