Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kam Heong, New Town Duck rice

Mom was away for the weekend. My sis had her own plans. So it was me and Daddy. When it's the both of us, we always head to Alisan Mamak for Mee Diau. But since it was still early (Mee Diau stall only opens at 8pm), we head to New Town P.J. for duck rice instead.

My Dad loves this place and have always been a loyal customer. I still remember many years ago the coffee shop had to open table and chairs in front of the shops. But a few years later, onnings are fixed at the side of the restaurant, and the flooring renovated to accommodate more table and chairs.

I remember once we came here as often as every weekend!

My dad did the ordering like always.

And I requested for my salted preserved vegetables like always.

There are also other side dishes we could order line eggs, tofu, pork legs and boiled vegetables but we ordered the braised mushrooms instead.

I miss dinner here. And I miss having my Daddy time.

Whole dinner was only about RM16 which is really cheap!

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Big Boys Oven

wah very cheap leh! so cool!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

always go for the porridge in the day..but yes..the teo cheow duck if i remember correctly damn good..looks like stil good..

Precious Pea

I love this place too! The gravy is simply the best!

Every weekend? Haha..same here. Then i guess we must have bumped into each other before.

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

Awww... Daddy time! So sweet. I had mine and my Mommy time too last weekend when I dropped by Malacca. Nothing beats dining outside with old family favourites. :)


J and I also come here for our duck fix :)


Aww..I miss my dad time as well. Although I did hang out and chill with him over last weekend :)

Place gets two thumbs up from a Teochew who knows his duck!


that is CHEAP!! Daddy time is priceless though. =)


the duck rice is already there from as long as the late 70s!


Teow Chew porridge? I like salty veggie too ~.~


BBO: Very! I dont think you can find prices like that in PJ any more. For duck some more.

joe: yup, thats the one

p.pea: heheh last time when i was younger... now seldom liua.

kenny: hmm Malacca, whats really good there?

rokh: I think a lot of people do! The quality never change some more. Thats y i like it.

unka: ;p my dad's hokkien tho

daphne: yup agree with you. cheap. spending time with daddy, priceless.

dazza: yeahhh man. its been there since the shop was built.

mimd3vils: there's rice and porridge.


Im not really a fan of duck dishes but this one looks delicious!


teow chew style ~ ^_^


A must if you are in new town area, having this since I was a kid... the duck are different, they breed it specially ;).

Don't forget to also try their duck intestines!

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