Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pick n' Brew, tea time promo

Have you heard of music hangovers? Will, you will when you read on.

I woke up with my ears still ringing that Sunday morning. I was standing a few feet away from the speakers at Zouk, while Lap Sap and ShitDisco played their "dirt" and "rubbish" for the folks to enjoy. Music was good, the bass was blastin!

The ear drums belonging to this old lady can't take the strong bass anymore so her ears kept ringging and her listening muffed for the night, the morning, and for the rest of the day.

I needed to get some work done but I couldn't concentrate at home because the ringing sound was just way way too annoying. So I decided to head to my favorite spot to focus.

Sat down at the same quiet corner. Laptop up. Power plugged in. Started typing while waiting for my coffee and cake. But this time is different because I was told that Pick n' Brew had a tea time special.

Any dessert is good, so why not?

The Bread & butter pudding came. I could smell the citrus fruit fragrance when it was placed in front of me. Peach does wonders!

Apple Filo. 10/10! I was really taken away by this. I didn't expect the filo to turn out so good! And who says nothing is free?! Light loose and crispy on the outside, but warm moist apples on the inside. The filo didn't turn soggy too.

Remember, anytime between 3pm to 6pm. These are really good stuff!

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12 pieces of worms:

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

I know it's about teatime but the main thing that hits out at me is "ShitDisco" --- that is the COOLEST name ever. Heh.

mama bok

Wished i was home.


if i rmbr correctly, that pot of coffee cost RM10 itself, right?
so the dessert's on the house!


Yes! Wanna try both the Apple Filo and bread & butter pudding!


Both the desserts look yummy!
Especially the Bread & Butter Pudding. Do they serve tea with free dessert? Coz i dont drink coffee... :p


Never try both desserts b4....So tempting...


They have bread and butter pudding!? I'm so gonna try that next time.


That's a good price for such desserts!


available on weekends too ?


kenny: for me was Lap Sap actually. I thought it was called the laptop lap, and the rubber sap.. but lap sap is just rubbish!

mamabok: if only i can send you some...

j2kfm: yup.. pay for coffee the desserts is free

wmw: apple filo apple filo! i think i can have 3 of those.

jimbo: sadly no.. but give their coffee a try.. im not a coffee drinker too but i like the coffee there

mimid3vils: ohh your got to try it..esp while during the promo

jason: try the apple filo too.. that one really good

daphne: and desserts

ling239: weekends too =)

ai wei

is the promo still available?!
never wan to miss this out!

Simon Seow

Oh, changed adi, not a slice of cake anymore eh. Must go try.

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