Friday, August 22, 2008

1901 hotdog

When you are sick and tired of work,
When you have no choice but to work,
When you have no chance of buying food,
When you know your stomach is calling you,
There's always that hotdog that your colleague gave you.

1901, food for friendship the desperate.

Things at work have been hectic. Guess my weeks of having less work are over. It's back to reality of working. Have been eating lunch at my desk for a few days, staying back at the office for 2 weeks consecutive already. Sometimes with no proper dinner =(

This hotdog was my savior for one of the nights. I was starving. Didn't have a proper lunch, and was working until I forgot the time to buy dinner. Then I remembered the hotdog sitting at the edge of my cubicle, a food token of appreciation for being nice to a colleague =)

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Life for Beginners

Quick 'n' easy. Good colleagues there, dear. :)


I love 1901 hotdogs...!!!

my favourite!

Isabelle Marciana

You should take care of your health and don't forget to take your meals eventhough you busy with work. You may have a quick and proper meal instead of having hotdog.. =P


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oh dear. take care! Hope it will get less busy for u soon.


Poor thing. Nice colleague you have there.


kenny: yeah.. work is no fun without them

kok: yeah me too

Isabelle: sometimes its hard though. there arent any restaurants near by my work place at night.

rei: will do

daphne: hope so too! but hais.. i doubt it

jason: hehe yeah.. only thing nice about work

Precious Pea

I am hooked with this now leh....never pay much notice to 1901 until i ordered it in AirAsia. Sedap sedap!@!


hahaha i think its good AirAsia sells 1902's hotdog.. help out the local fast food industry

Simon Seow

LOL. Food for the desperate. For me it's food to fill me up if I didn't eat dinner and has a movie to catch is GSC.


simon: ohh .. i'm the nugget person... then taruh loads of sauce

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