Monday, August 25, 2008

An apple a day never keeps the orange away

I was quite happy when I found the text, but was really disappointed when I realised that I have lost the pictures that came with it.

Went through my backups. Nothing.
Cache. Nothing.
CDs. Nothing.
Asked if he kept it... I doubt he has it. He wrote this way back in April 2004.

...but then weeks later I got a text message... "I found the pictures!"
So here it is. The complicated story of two fruits, by Apple.

Once, there were plastic wires. Wires that make our enormous world seem so small, where people can reach out to each another. Then, in the vast translucent field of fiber optic, through the colours of digital light, stood an orange on one side of it, and an apple on the other. Fruits never actually mix with each another, expect their own kind.

But there was something exceptional going on…something about the aroma of the orange peel. And there was something else…something about the sourness in the sweet apple. But both the fruits know there is more to what they see. But what?

The apple grew up with his own kind. Sour as life can get, he somehow feel like life should be more than just green. The apple tries to look differently in life. One day, he noticed an aroma. Then it comes to a vision of an orange. He heard tales about oranges. They are sweet, something that apple aren't happy with. Curiosity somehow comes to the apple's mind, as he watches the orange. Watching how the orange live her life, he too wonders. What is like to be an orange, what is life being sweet? Bold as the apple gets, he makes first contact with the orange.

It’s not the norm for the orange to react to strange fruits. But somehow, the words, the questions, of the apple fascinated the orange. Physically both fruits are different. But the apple realized that there was something in common between both fruits. Both shared the surreal imagination, both shared the love of the worms and fungus that grew in them, both shared the same passion for orange peel aroma and sweet sour apples. The orange acknowledged and maintained contact.

Days have passed since. Orange and apple was having a blast of their life. They grew fond to each another. They were happy being together. Constantly rolling around the vast translucent field of fiber optic, to places they never dare to wander alone, but now with two, seems like a force to reach beyond any fruits. They were happy, for so many lives to come, until they reach the end of one end of field.

Every story has its ending. Every life, even as fruits has their ending.
What is seems as the never ending field, has reach its end. It's time to go, for fruit's was never lasting. Even as man, nothing last forever. How sad that the apple and the orange has gone to their afterlife. Never again they would vow to see each another. They both knew it's the end. The both know that one day, they have they have to be separated. Alas, they went old, and died. They went on their afterlife, to a new beginning, but who knows?

Only Fate felt so touched. Faith too was admired by their courage and their passion. Never had they both seen such fruits were bond together, not because they are physically different, but also the willingness to share and respect. But by laws of life, Fate and Faith were limited to choices. You be Fate, you be Faith, you judge and you decide.

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21 pieces of worms:

Life for Beginners

Heh. For some reason, while I was reading this, all I could think of was a pair of florist partners I'm using for my friend's wedding. Their names?

Ms. Orange and Ms. Apple. No joke. :D

Big Boys Oven

walio such an artistic post you have there, just like kenny mah himself ! coooool!


Hey! i tot u r going to show the green apple with orange inside pic found on the internet....:p


That's a nice lesson there, teckiee. :-) (P/S. Everytime I play jackpot, I'll think of you.)


That's an odd post. From apa-pun-dare-to-eat you. You ok? Or did I miss something big?


gee, I second tummythoz's worries.
apple and orange story? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving inspirational or a tragic story?...artistic pics..


I'm so sorry, I know this is such a serious post but I burst out laughing recalling what Nigel said about the juices! LOL!

Nic (KHKL)

for a more dramatic effect, perhaps can squash the oren or cut the epal into two..hehehe...

seriously, it's true that nothing lasts forever. but the experience makes us stronger. so, chin up, ya! ;D


this is sooo deep!


Nothing is forever... Everything has an expiry date... that's y we need to appreciate today, today and today...


Sigh~ *Hugs*



kenny: hahahaha now thats 2 easy names to remember

bbo: hahaha its not writen by me

ling239: eh what pic is that?

ll: hm jackpot, apples and oranges... whats the connection?

tummythoz, j2kfm: no la.. never miss anythihng. story of fruits belongs on a food blog =)

joe: hmm i dunno ler.. inspirational or a tragic .. both la i think.. but then again.. not that tragic la..

wmw: -_-"

nic: wahh thats not drama.. thats action already

babe_kl: no la.. its just a story. no hidden meaning one.

MochaSourcream: I second that!

Nat: me is ok la. its just something apple wrote years ago.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

wah so poetic lah Teckiee, here also during the art festival or the summer festival, they hv such things, sometimes called Art Dinner or something along those line. Its normally held in museums and we all sit around dinner tables or long tables and serv our artistic food which tells the play part by part of tells the art that was being displayed.... but the food in these sort of place, very artistic one - example like dark bitter melted chocolated with escargots... yucks!


can i make a short film out of it? you write the script. =p

im finished with my shoots dy, just doing post-production now. it'll be a good break to do some artsy short film for fun..


Eh, Apple wrote that? No wonder the grammar and writing style so different.

*lol at WMW's comment


nora: but chocolate and escargots sounds nice ;p

wen: hahaha can can. hmm what about the Umbrella thing... a bit hard to film tho.

jason: yup he wrote this a long time back. its interesting cos when i reread it... seems like he wrote it yesterday


the umbrella story is definitely do-able, just thinking how to get permit for the train...or do it illegally. must be quick and swift


I actually thought they are going to end up in a fruit juicer and become "enmeshed" forever...


Can I eat that apple and orange?


wen: Too hard la.. stick to the dancing video haha... ned to go rent costume haha..quick.. pick a date. but weekends.. hard for me to escape liau. i have to help out with the new house

daphne: hahahahahaha if fate permits the 2 fruits.. haha bet it will taste good

lianne: cannot ;p

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