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None of my colleagues have eaten in Bukhara because "There always no one eating there. I bet it's not nice". I was so sick of eating everything else in KLCC that I didn't care if the food was said to be good or not. I just needed something different. And from that dinner onwards, Bukhara is the place I recommend folks who tells me there is nothing else to eat in KLCC.

Apple La Vim (RM8) vimto, 7-up, apple juice. And the Lemon NANA (RM8), lemonade with fresh mint. I highly recommen the Lemon NANA. A totally refreshing drink which quenches your thirst and opens up the appitite.

I had the Chicken Biryani (RM25) when I first dined in Bukhara, and have always been coming back for this rice dish. The chicken briyana cooked with spices, served with raita and curry gravy. Really good stuff.

My other favourite is the Lebannese Mixed Grill (RM45) with a combination of lamb kekek, shish kebab, lamb chop and chicken tikka. Very flavourful meats, all cooked with the natural meat juices will locked in the meat.

Bukhara Fried Rice (RM12) fried rice with chicken, prawn and mixed vegetable is something more simple. Not something really special but for someone who is not too adventreous, this fried rice would be suitable.

When I ordered Tabbouleh (RM12), I was thinking of the Fattoosh I tried in Hadhramout. But, Tabbouleh is a salad of chooped parsley, tomato, onion and cracked wheat, dressed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. I didn't like the whole parsley action. Tabbouleh is TakBoleh for my taste.

Kebbeh (RM18), deep fried mince lamb ball encased in a lamb and cracked wheat shell.

I knew I had to order this because I loved the juicy minced lamb and the aroma of all the herbs and spice used. This Kebbeh had onions in them as well which I think made the fragrance of the herbs and spices subtel.

And like all other mid-eastern restaurants, the naan bread comes with everything.

And if you are wondering, Bukhara is actually the capital of the Bukhara Province of Uzbekistan.

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Nic (KHKL)

"Tabbouleh is TakBoleh for my taste."


yay, finally got to see a review on this restaurant. hehe...


*GASP*... so many dishes in one seating? You were alone or other people wif u?

I always love a nice Bryani. So far the best I had is at a restaurant at Cyberjaya. It's around Rm10. Quite good stuff, the rice is warm and aromatic.

Would definitely go for the minced lamb ball and bryani. Pricing-wise quite reasonable.


Big Boys Oven

sounds incredible delicious . .. sounds irresistable! :)


Hey that doesnt sound too bad! I would love all the bread though.


I'm one of those:- "There always no one eating there. I bet it's not nice".
Still not too convinced as me no fan of 'yong-mek-mek'.


probably thr price put some off?
but you can see Tarbush is expanding, and serve more of less the same stuff. pricey, as well.

seldom go KLCC these days

Precious Pea

Looks pretty good. Good job for exploring the unexplored. At first i tot Lemon NANA is a mixture of Lemon and Banana! Hahah!


Hmmm....The Lebanese Mixed Grill sounds good!


Ooo.. Tabbouleh. The one we tried at Hadramout doesn't really have the parsley isn't it? Maybe can ask Bukhara to omit the parsley next time? :)


nic: actually a quite nice place... but noone makan only

nat: ahh cyber ah? far for me... but guess near your work place rite?

bbo: indeed!

daphne: hehe you know, we didnt eat much of the bread cus we were stuffed with the other food.

tummythoz: hmm the beriani ok.. what one maybe your taste?

j2kfm: hmm price like any other klcc restaurant. its not way over the top.

P.Pea: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA eh.. but lemon and banana sounds ok too.

wmw: good eye! that one was damn damn good!

jason: hmm i tot Hadramout's was fattoosh?

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

Uzbekistan. Love that name. ;)

Yalor, never see anyone go there. Now shall attempt to drop by myself. Thanks for going ahead boldly where none of us dared before! LOL


Is it because of the price that nobody goes there? The brain will tell you that the food taste less nice if you pay high price for it. For me, the I rate the pics 9/10 if it cost 50% less, but at quoted price, I'd say 6/10 :)


kenny: HAHAHA...3 years eating in KLCC area left me bold ;p

hazza: nice way for rating it. the mix grill....9/10!


yea, thanks for boldly trying a restaurant that seems empty all the time ;) shall try it when i ever get back to klcc hehe


They're replacing it with a mini-harrods instead! Hurrah! No more crappy middle eastern food.

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