Saturday, August 02, 2008

Carlos Mexican Canteena

I got into the car without knowing what was planned for the night. Just sit back and relaxed, and went with the flow. Parked at Pavilion and got a little lost in the shopping complex for a while because he didn't want to tell me where we were heading. But it's ok, I had fun getting lost. When we reached Carlos Mexican Canteena (Lot C3-03 The Pavalion), he said "Ah here we are!" I think he didn't plan for dinner here, but just something spontaneous that he does. That's Apple. Or did he plan the whole getting lost thing? Hm...

Anyway, back to the food.

Nachos. I did like the thickness of the nachos but the cold melted cheese on the nachos made them stick to each other. It was quite a hassle to eat them as we had to break them up separately before we could enjoy them with the dippings.

There were quite a few dippings what came with the nachos. Sour cream, avocado paste, salsa sauce. Only three? Wait there's more!

Beef and beans which tasted quite good.

Chicken with tomatoes. I preferred the beef dippings to this as the beef had more flavor in it.

Tomato rice's aroma was good but a wee bit too moist to my liking.

The salad was the first one to go as we both needed some fiber in us. Fresh fresh leaves.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw our Mexican Platter (RM52) was, "Are we able to finish this?" I was already quite full that night and just wanted something light. This was way off something light.

I had some of the baked potatoes, and both of the different enchiladas. It was a waste because both of us could not find space in our stomach to try this. Looks nice with all the cheese.... ah well. Guess there is always a next time. Overall the platter was quite alright.

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Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

i HEART enchiladas... :D


The dipping looks so yummy~~ Must order separately or come with set?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

yum yum..havent noticed this place yet..must b hidden some ulu corner 1 ar?..


how come i miss out this place the other time i was there ho.. instead i went to Tony Roma's.

Look nice and delicious too especially the encililadas.


all those nachos!

Eerily the avocado sauce looks a little too green... hmm


Those nachos & thick meat dippings could be main meal!


Definitely eyeing the tomato rice. Delish!



Where is this place ar? Same level as Ochacha?


kenny: hahahaha heart...heart... apple likes to use heart a lot too

mimid3vils: it comes together =)

Kristopher: i'm sure there will be next time =)

daphne: me too! but fattening man...

tummythoz: actually we ate too much nachos thats y we couldnt eat the rest

nat: hm tomato rice was ok ok la. Too moist for me.

joe, jason: Same row as la bodega. Out in the open actually.

Simon Seow

Oh. Got ppl smoke sisha one right?

Zalan Zalfrecko

Is this place halal? if you didn't notice the logo, at least do u see malays eating there? woud like to try this place out!

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