Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making chicken porridge

Step #1: Clean your chicken. Cut out all the fats. Remove the chicken internals and clean the insides properly.

Step #2: If you like having the skin, double check to make sure you don't have chicken feather remains stuck in the skin. Pinch them out if any.

Step #3: Salt the chicken inside out and let to marinade for about 30 minutes.

Step #4: Rinse the chicken. Keep both chicken feet in the cut out opening.

Step #5: And fold the wings under. This is just to ease placing the chicken on a smaller plate for steaming. The legs and wings won't fly all over the place.

Step #6: Sitting duck chicken. HAHA. Make sure the water is boiling before you place your chicken in your wok/steamer. Steam the (medium sized) chicken for 10 minutes and turn off the fire. Let it stay in the wok/steamer for another 20 minutes.

Step #7: When the chicken is done, I usually remove the skin first. But for those who like the skin, you can leave them on.

Step #8: Start separating the chicken meat and bones.

Step #8: Keep the chicken feet, head, neck, and all the other bones.

Step #9: Separate the bones from the meat, and remember not to waste the chicken sauce. Keep them with the meat. Good stuff.

Step 10#: The meat crumbs as well.

Step 11#: Boil your porridge and mix in the chicken bones, feet, head and feet. When your porridge is done, remove all the bones and stuff and serve. Place the meat and drizzle the chicken sauce over the porridge and top it off with a few drops of sesame oil and spring onions.

Step 12#: The end. I hope I fill your stomach.

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22 pieces of worms:


'A' for your efforts. Sigh... difficult to achieve.


hey you never explain how to cook the porridge...

well okay, when i was sick in aus, i used to just throw fish slices into the rice cooker with overflowing water. it tasted blant and looked dull, so i threw in some carrots too. aih, as you can imagine the porridge was never fantastic...too watery or the fish overcooked or the carrots not cooked. quite sad, already sick and have to eat horrible food.

so yeah, pls explain how to cook the porridge :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wheres the final product?

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

AA+ for that last shot! Can die lah from laughing... :P


Omg... the chicken head.. starring at me... >.<



Eeek! How to eat with that chicken staring at have scarred me mentally! LOL!


Did you look at the chicken in the eye before you kill it? Look at how the chicken starring at everyone now and i bet the chicken is tagging its prey..hahahah....


Erk... dowan to eat chicken for the week.


worldwindows: actually its much easier that it looks.

wen: aie...ok my next cooking post will be on making porridge.

joe: my cam ran out of batt and i forgot to charge my spare.. so the end product in my stomach

kenny: HAHAHAHAHA at least someone laugh! the rest found it scary.

nat: the chicken is only staring at the handsome lad

wmw: haha nvm... help u lay off chicken for a few days

jim: the chicken was already dead and frozen for a few days ;p I'm innocent..i didnt kill it.

jason: haha yay for the chickens?

Big Boys Oven

I am totally confused just like the chicken! lol!

Precious Pea

That's a cock not a hen hor?


bbo: hahaha he's not confused.. he knows he's being cooked

p.pea: yup its male ;p


the chicken head is scary girl!

Ms. _______ 2 be !

I am too ??? chicken to cut up a chicken. Usually buy pieces already cut up...hahah, you got skills!


lazy me will just eat steamed chicken with rice..hhahah


i heard the chicken meat has to be hand-torn for the texture ~


Aiyoyo! Your chicken pics are so graphic - chicken head and feet and everything sticking out like tat, hahaha! This seems more like a chicken story than cooking porridge, altho' i'm sure the porridge must so delish, full of chicken essence!


daphne: heheheh stare at it longer.. then it wont....or maybe its still the same...

Ms.? 2be: HAHAHAHAHA! not that hard la. go buy a chicken from the market and try la.

rokh: i make porridge cos im more of the porridge person

ling239: hmm isit? not sure.. but ou might be right... cos "kai see hor fun"'s chicken is torn

pure glutton: when it came to the porridge, my cam ran out of more chicken than porridge


i bet the porridge must be damn sweet and tasty. btw, i find it very hard to chop the chicken nicely.. and also, isn't it abit eww to boil the chicken head as well?


chicken head eww meh? ... some people eat the chicken head one woor


I am impressed if you are the one that chop up the chicken. If it was me, I think the meat all turn out crumble. Haven't learn enough skill to chop chicken into even pieces.


hijackqueen: Actually its not hard lo. Line up buying chicken rice a lot back in college.. tau see a bit looking for the stall owner chopping up chicken.

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