Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singapore on a Friday Night: Booze

A very delayed post on my Singapore trip because believe it or not, I actually forgot to pack my camera for this trip!

I was rushing home from the office. Ditch my laptop aside and took a quick shower. Had to pack some of my remaining travel essentials... and then figure out if I needed to bring anything else. All checked. And the most important item, the pastport... checked.

It was about 10 minutes later after I boarded the LRT when I realized I have forgotten my camera batteries. I left it charging in my room. But it's ok, I can survive on normal AA batteries. But then... *t00tttt* my camera is not with me.

Anyway, lucky me that Jin bought her new Ixus. Yay Canon! I was feeding her cam to the fullest during this trip. Thanks babe!

It was already 9 plus when I reached Singapore. Jin picked me up and we headed back to her place. Rested and we are off!

Ding dong here and there in Clare Quay. Saw some interesting bars. The Clinic.. gosh people were seated on wheel chairs! But didn't find any bar that attracted both of us. We ended up across the bridge to Brewerkz.

Quite a spacious restaurant that brews their own booze. They have quite a number of brews. Honestly, I am no fan of booze. Can't take the gas and hated beer that is flat. We ordered the lightest brew of the lot called Golden Ale if I remember correctly. SG36.99 a jug. It was actually not bad. Kind of reminded me of Angkor Beer. The kitchen was closed when we reached, so no food even though I was starving! Our waiter manage to squeeze a basket of fries out for us... Yay!

Hung out until they closed. We got shooed out of the restaurant but they let us use the tables outside to finish off our beer. *burp*

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Life for Beginners

Nothing like the sweet outdoors and several jugs of cold beer, eh? ;)


guess what my mum said when we passed by clinic? CHOI!!!! tam lai si meh?

Precious Pea

Oh dear, i can imagine how you felt when you realised you left the camera at home. Looking forward to more post on your Sg trip.


eh y u din eat the brewerkz burger?? it's one of the best!! nvm next time we go k? :D


how is your trip so far? and i did hear abt the burger as well.. looks like u didnt manage to try it?


Wheel chairs outside clinic? Is that a bar's name or what? :P


I have just hopped over from WMW and there´s a booze post there! now here! what´s happening! lol


eh why you pixelated your face?


Haha...we both turning into booze kaki!


kenny: haha actually by the time we were kicked out.. the beer wasnt cold anymore =(

kampungboycitygal: HAHAHA actually thats what I said!

p.pea: bad luck man.. but still ok la. at least Jin had one.

jun, daphne: hmm the kitchen was closed when we got there but Jin did mention their burgers

jason: yeah, the pub is called The Clinic. They have hospital beds as seats, wheelchairs was seats, the operation theather separator as walls.

lianne: hmmm floggers connection? ahaha

wen: cos...

wmw: hahaha im not booze kaki la.. certain booze only ;p

Simon Seow

Eh, suddenly back to anonymous pulak.

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