Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soo Kee Mee

I still remember a few years back, Apple was the one who brought me to Soo Kee Mee for the beef noodles.

Soo Kee Mee, No 14, Medan Imbi, 55100, KL Call +603 2148 1324 or +603 2145 9528 to make reservations. Opening hours from 12-3pm and 6pm-1am daily.

And here we are after the many years. Kat, Apple and myself. We sat in front of one of the cleanest Chinese coffee shop "Tai Chow" kitchen I have seen in KL. Kat kind of like the idea that she can see what the chefs are doing.

Kang Kung belacan (RM8) 9/10! Just look at the colour, its just cooked right, not to raw and not overcooked. The belacan mixture was superb as well. Not too salty, and spicy enough for the Malaysian and German taste.

Dried fried beef noodles (RM20) 8/10! I personally like this version (dry), compared to the wet version of the beef noodles. Good wok hei with this beef noodles. The beef slice was thick yet still juicy and tender.

Fried spare ribs (RM12) was a little disappointing. I was told this was one of the chef's recommendation as well but I didn't find anything really special about this dish. It's nice, but nothing special. 7.5/10

Sang Har mee (RM16) came last, but if my memory serves me right, this was the first to go. The yee mee noodles deep fried, and covered with the lightly starched seafood sauce with salted egg yoke, topped with the sang har (the prawns). 9/10! The sauce was really good and went really well with the deep fried yee mee. Only down side was that I had a hard time eating the prawns with my chopsticks. My second half of my prawns flew from my plate to the floor! What a waste. No cat to pick the delicious fresh and sweet prawns....

Very good meal. And very good company. Even for Kat. ....because Mr.Koh one of the guy working there lived in Germany for 7 years and was making Kat feel very at home. He even had instant sour croute (did I spell it right?) in the restaurant freezer!

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18 pieces of worms:


The food looks so scrumptious especially the Dried fried beed noodles but is a lil pricy.Is the portion big? I am hungry after see all these YUMMY pics!


erm, not saurkraeut ah? if it's what I think it is.

sang har meen so cheap only?! wow ... I had a bowl in Pusing, Perak, barely enough for one, at
RM10 per plate! and the prawns were mini versions ...

is this behind Times Square area?

Life for Beginners

It's spelled saurkraut and man, if he had that, it's German alrite! :D


Wowo your pictures are making me hungry......I miss Malaysia's food!!!


Even roadside cafe need reservation?? Nice looking food, I must say, esp my favourite veg dish kangkong belacan!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

there so many versions of soo kee popping up!..apparently alot of offsprings..i think my mom likes to take away from the 1 opposite called soo kei chai..

Precious Pea

Paper wrapped chicken their specialty too right? I remember i had it years ago. By the way, you should really go try the Sang Har noodle at Pan Heong.


aiyoh the sang har mee looks so delicious!!! i heard about this shop long ago, and i heard it is very very expensive so i have never tried it before


Wah, seldom heard any real good comments from you (normally) ^^ so I guess this must be really good.


I try their beef noodle, I like it~~

Btw, u should use ur hand when eating the prawns, hehe :P


for RM16, how many prawns do u get ? :p


pinky: Yup, big portion. It was ment for two persons.

J2Kfm: ah yea, saurkraeut it is. I know how to say the word, but have no idea the spellling.

Kenny: hahahaha but i think saurkraeut can be made easily rite? its cabage or something right?

Peb: LOL! ..and nice marble cup cakes!

Hazza: I was there on a Tuesday I think.. people make reservation also u know

Joe: yeah i heard of that one too. But this one was famous cos "Ku Wak Chai" did their flim here.

P.pea: oh yeah the paper chicken... we didnt order that cos only 3 of us. I have to check the Pan Heong one out soon.

cin: Hmm RM16 a bowl for 1 person but I tell you, its worth it!

Jason: really ah? I didnt know I was that yim chim with food hehehe

mimid3vils: now you tell me ;p .. but yeah, i need the hands next time

ling239: 1 big sang har. ...only..


Somehow, the standard has dropped lately. My last visit was decade ago and they weren't as good as they used to be. They used to deep-fry the noodles first early the day to save them some time. I'm not if they do the same right now.


woot~! i love soo kee "ngau yuk hor"...

the sang har meen is a small portion? rm16 only? i thought last time my dad paid rm100 for my family. but then i think green view sang har meen is better...


Good thing that the sang har mee come last-since it can remain crispy as u eat it! I like the shot of clean out plates! =)


chong: yeah i heard about the dropping standard.. but i think they realize that customers aren't coming back. i think they have up their standards again. No pre prepared noodles... mine was freshly done =)

wen: hmm how many of you all? mine was RM16 only.. which i think still reasonable

daphne: yeah.. but i let mine soak in the sauce a little. damnnn good!

Mum's Restaurant

Let me have the honour to serve you with some good food.


it's not yee mee la aduh. it's sang meen

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