Monday, August 18, 2008

A walk in the park

When the food blogger eats too much, it's time for her to exercise. ...or maybe not. I joined a bunch of friends for a macro photography outing yesterday in Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya. A really good Sunday walk in the park!

I saw this tree which its berries were growing at the tree trunk. Was interested in it because I have eaten green berries like this back in my aunt’s house.

I tried biting into this one but it was really hard and unripe. I expected it to be sour, but surprisingly it just bland.

As we walk up hill... way up hill, one of my friend saw a swarm of ants carrying this worm from the drain back to its nest. Looks so juicy. Good worm. *slurps*

When we reach the higher lands, I saw this leaf which reminded me of a crinkle cut potato chip. I started to feel hungry...

As we walk, I saw more of the leaves. Crinkle cut potato chips all over!!! I bet dried leaves are as crunchy as the potato chips.

After taking a short detour at the Yellow Water Damp at the park, we stop by a rest place. A function was on going and this BBQ aroma lured my nose to where all the action was. Too bad no ikan bakar for me.

We continue our walk towards a lake area. Saw a lot of lotus flowers and the seeds. Got the shivers because the mature and dried up lotus seeds reminded me of a nightmare I had once. I didn't see any young ones, other wise I would have eaten them ;p

One lonely ostrich was locked up in an empty land beside the lake with some geese. (...dua dua binatang pun boleh di makan)

Later on we passed by drainage areas which I found plenty of daun kaduk! They seem to like drain water... plenty of fertilizer. The roots feed on drain water, and we feed on the leaves.

As plenty of these "dei damn tau" too. I have this plant all over my garden floor, not for decoration, but the "dei damn tau" chlorophyll helps discharge toxins from the body if drank raw. I'm not sure how true this is as this is not medically proven. My mom takes them though. Bitter stuff.

It was almost 2pm when we exited the park. By then even cements animals looks delicious. Deep fried bird, rabbit satay, black pepper deer meat, and stewed tortoise? Yum yum ...

But you all know I'm joking right? I don't eat everything I see ;p

We ended up in Taman Megah's Ming Tien. The green basil and mint soup.

With the lui char vegetables...

To get your lui char. No animals meat in this dish =) The lui char wasn't that nice though. ...should have ordered something with animals... haha.

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18 pieces of worms:

Nic (KHKL)

woah, from greens to green!

ku lihat hijau....hmm, i wonder if anyone remembers this song...


you cant seem to get your mind off food, can you? :)
hahaha ... good thing you didnt bite on the crinkle potato chips, or the cement animals ...


The green berry can eat ar? I remember it was used as "bullet" for those wooden gun when I was a child~~


hehehe once a foodie always a foodies ;-)

Life for Beginners

Wahh... so healthy one? Walk walk walk, and still end up eating lui cha? Hijau habis wor... :P


I tried my first ever lui cha 2 weeks back.

Initially it tasted ok. Without the mint soup... I pushed that away... it's got some funky aroma (To me anyway.)

Then the more I ate the more I felt like vomiting... I gave up when I reached the peak...

I only consumed 1/5 of the whole bowl...

Mission failed... =(



We should go for photo shooting also!


hahahaaaa.... u meat eater ah ^_^


Aiya thot you'll wrestle with the ants for that juicy worm.


what a green day and green ending eh lol, and you recognise those herbs too!


Yerr... u bit that wild fruit?? Damaging the environment :p


you still think of food (ie, crinkle cut chips) even when you're walking in the park? hehehe

Big Boys Oven

sounds like a green day for you! :)


nic: hmm what song is that?

j2kfm: the potato chips... i was very tempted ;p

mimid3vils: hmm i'm not sure. i remember i ate some before.. or maybe something that looks quite the same.

babe_kl: hehe

kenny: my fav duck rice stall not open in Ming Tien, so eat lui char lo since I have not tried the lui char there.

Nat: ahh i havent try the one in OK yet...

WMW: yes we should! you all have all those canggih canggih cams, must put it to good use.

ling239: pok only, not meat HAHHA

tummythoz: HAHAHA kecil kecil cili padi.. they are much smaller than cili padi .. so when they bite... cannot play play. ;p

lianne: the herbs was easy cos i have them in my garden =)

jason: aiyer... the tree was all over ...and so many fruits.. i take one and bite ok ma.. im spreading the seed ;p

sc: hhahaha u know, its really tiring walking uphill and down hill and covering the park on foot. Was hungry with no food.. so only thing i could do is think of food haha

BBO: really green one!


i ate the lui char in ming tien also, i finished every bit of the soup and i had insomnia for the whole nite! O_O


Ei... how come you know I had it at Ok one..?!



Simon Seow

Yeah, I see the colour of the lui char also didn't feel so right. I don't know where they move the Oasis Food Court in Mid Valley. The lui char there not bad one.


xin: wait.. cant sleep because of the green stuff... of what?

Nat: aiyah u told me ma

simon: oi dont insult good kay...things that look yucky taste damn good ;p

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