Sunday, September 28, 2008

You Lek Cheras

I was kind of looking thought my old collecting dust and bugs drafts on Blogger trying to feel if I had the mood to blog any of them. That is when I saw this. I wonder if Jason and WMWremembers this food crawl long ago at Jalan You Lek....

Let's see what I can or cannot remember.

This is WMW's favorite chee cheong fun stall. True or False? True. (It is also true that WMW loves her CCF.. any CCF)

All the "liew" for the chee cheong fun.

WMW come here to have the pink pork ball. True or False? True. (But I don't think all pork balls are pink. I still prefer the ones processed with the chopper and is brown in color when cooked)

This pau stall is located at the starting of the road... some where in You Lek. True or false? True (Jason, you most probably have to correct me, the road name is You Lek right?)

I bought this siew mai from the pau stall. If my memory serves me correctly, there were bigger that the normal siew mai and tasted quite good.

Jason's red bean pau which tasted too sweet for him, but was ok for me and WMW.

Last but not least, the loh mai fan. Can't remember how this taste like... hmm...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meals Station

I have been having lunch at Meals Station in Wisma UOA near Suria KLCC quite often since they open. Many mixed reviews on this place, and I can see why.

I personally find the food here value for money. While some of the dishes are just so so, I have found a few of my favorite dishes here as well. But what turns me off is the service. It's not the lack of attention, but everything seems slow moving here.

Butter and Kaya Toast (RM1.50 for plain bread) (RM2.50 for wholemeal bread) Very standard stuff.

Curry Noodles (RM7.90). This was my first dish I tried on their launching day. I did like the curry, but the coconut milk in it kind of made me feel uneasy. Then again, I'm not a very big fan of curry santan noodles.

The Dry Curry Noodles (RM6.90) is more me. Totally love the fragrant from the dry curry and the chicken served with the bowl of noodles is always soaked well with curry. The deep fried onions on top gives the dish a big plus.

Meals Fried Rice (RM8.90) is something very common. But for those who likes simple fried rice, this is the rice to order.

The Fried Chicken Rice (RM9.90) is another dish I enjoy. The fried chicken comes with either plain rice or nasi lemak, your choice. The fried chicken slightly crunchy on the outside, and on the inside soft juicy meat.

Kurma Chicken (RM9.90) was a little disappointing. I kind of expected to get something hot, or at least warm. But this is one cold chicken. The taste didn't impress me much, maybe because it was too cold. No aroma, lack of the spice flavor.

I actually choked on the beef piece of this Beef Rendang Rice (RM8.90) at the first bite. Hehe.. the chili went down the wrong tube. I can't really tell you how this tasted because the whole choking killed my taste buds the day I had the beef.

Last but not the least, the Curry Chicken Rice (RM8.90). I prefer the fried chicken rice to this. The curry chicken didn't give me the kick the fried chicken or the dry curry did.

In summary, I have my favorites, and have those I don't like. I have been eating here, and will continue to have my yum yum dry curry noodles... but do hope they can improve on their service.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Busy busy busy. Life is driving me nuts these days. I tell myself that I need a break away from work, life and activities, but every time I do find time,...

why oh why do I say "YES! I'll do that!" I wonder if it's a bad thing.

Anyway, I better feed on some good ol' Do Nuts, HAHAHAHA just to make sure I'm ok being nutty.

I got these from Giant. Comes cheap and goes well with hot tea, coffee or cocoa! I kind of got sick from all the other "branded" donuts out there. Somehow I miss the sugared soft large fluffy donuts so much more than I miss J.Co or Big Apple.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ma Maison Restaurant

A quick post on my last dinner with Jin when I was in Singapore... and the last mean which I have pictures off. It was a whole day of Shopping in Orchard but we ended up in Bugis Junction again because I really wanted to try Ma Masion out. I have never eaten is a Japanese fuse French restaurant before. We manage to get our bookings this time Yippie!

Ma Maison Restaurant Level 02-51 Bugis Junction, Singapore. Better get your bookings in advance because it was hard to make reservations especially for a larger group. +65 6338 4819.

Very nice environment inside. Rustic concept, dim which candles lighted at each table. And a very nice place to admire god's creation. *wink* If you know what I mean ;p

The hamburger steak that Jin loves. Tired a little and, hmm not bad. And I think better not to under estimate the small slab of minced beef. Looks small, but looks filling.

Loved the squid ink pasta I ordered. I loved the aroma of the pasta when it was place in front of me warm. The smell of the garlic onions and mushrooms, just awesome!

Cheese cake to finish it off. Was just so so... might taste better to everyone else because I am really spoilt when it comes to desserts.

When we were done with our meal, all we had to do is check out and pay. Overall a good and enjoyable meal. Will definitely come again if I'm in Singapore.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

Jin and I skipped breakfast again on Sunday. SaturNight was way fun. And I think this is my first time going out to the clubs, wanting to return to bed before the club closes. What time does the clubs close anyway? We left at 4am and they were still blastin' music away! Clubbing is cheap in Singapore, and crowds are way better too. I can't believe it when I saw the board "Before 10pm, SG11, After SG24"... I think it was SG24, can't remember but, that with 2 drinks. I don't think you can find a nice club in KL with a RM24 cover charge with 2 drinks. And booze and cocktails are way cheaper then KL too!

Anyway... other than missing the nightlife in Kiasu Land, I really miss my Sunday Japanese Yakitori lunch at Nanbantei!

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant is some where in Far East Plaza. (Level 05-132) Call +65-6733-5666 for reservations. Jin suppose to bring me to anyther Japanese place in Far East but the restarant was closed. We ended up randomly picking a place to eat and ended up at Nanbantei which was just located in front of the escalator.

I am actually not a big fan of Yakitori. I have never eating yummy ones before. When the Yakitori Obento Set (SG12.50) came, I tried, I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either. The mushrooms, quale eggs and french beans were nice, but the chicken on a stick itself was not for me.

The mochi red bean desert that came with the set was also just so so.

But... thank god that the obento was the only order that was not worth remembering. The sashimi (SG28) came and YES! Fresh... thick slices... the butter fish so sweet... nothing like the sashimi's in KL.

Ika Maruyaki (SG10) was awesome! We sat at the counter and saw this two other guys ordering this squid. Since we could still stomach food, we decided to order that. The chef took the squid and placed if on the BBQ. It took quite long to cook but the results is worth waiting for.

I love the crispy tentacles part. The small little suction thingy was crispy, but the whole tentacle part was soft chewy rubbery sweet. Totally love it with a little lemon juice on top.

If the Ika Maruyaki is 9/10. The Gyu Yaki (SG9.50) is a 10/10! This is by far the best beef on a stick I have tasted in my life! So tender, so juicy, tasted so delicious and smelt so darn good... *dreaming* ...still *dreaming* ...

But... I think I have to minus one mark from the perfect score. Jin's stick was a little over salted. But I can close an eye on that. Salty or not, I still can't get the beef on a stick out of my mind!

You people in Singapore really have go to try the Ika Maruyaki!

I'll definitely come back here when I'm down in Singapore. ...damn.. I made myself hungry...
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ministry of Food, My Izakaya

When I saw this, it totally reminded me of MOS. Ministry of Sound. Clubbing while having some sashimi? I can see that happening. HAHAHA.

Anyway, SaturNIGHT was meeting up with folks from Singapore which I want to meet/see. My *ahem* good looking brother was there. The two Ying's I know... one my good buddy back from college days, and the other famous flogger XLB. And last but definitely not the least, I finally get to meet the famous KeropokMan and his other half. The meet up felt like a gathering for long lost friends because it didn't feel like I was meeting them for the first time. =)

Anyway, initially we were suppose to meet at Ma Maison, but it was a Saturday night and we didn't manage to get our bookings. We ended up in Ministry of Food, My Izakaya
at Bugis Junction (+65 6338 6466).

I'm leaving you with more of the pictures that text. I can't really remember the taste of each of them... but, if I remember them, they are either good, or really bad ;p

Salmon Cutlet Maki (SG8.80)

Karaage Maki (SG8.80)

Wasabi cold salad (SG7.80)

Tips on eating salad.

The salad was quite plain actually, should have poured more of the wasabi sauce on top. Lovely sauce.

Seafood Toji Set with the stove.

Seafood Toji Set with the stove (SG18.80) I was either XLB or my bro who ordered this... looks interesting because it came served with a mini gas stove!

Tan Tan Ramen (SG8.80) Boing boing noodles? hehe

Tonkotsu Ramen (SG8.80)

Seafood Cold Ramen (SG9.90) I think I had this.. haha.... I guess it was ok.

Tips on eating cold Ramen.

....Jin asked me to take a picture of this because... HAHAHA...yeah it does.

Gelato in a cup (SG3.50). My green tea ice was YUM YUM! I actually enjoyed this more than Hokkaido ice cream. I think Hokkaido ice cream is over rated. Tried it the next day...didn't like it. Gave it a second shot during the Japanese fair in Iseitan last month, still don't like it.

Sesame ice cream.

Soft creamy vanilla ice cream with deep fried yam and sweet potato on the side. This was really good stuff!!! All of us kind of leached off KeropokMan's dessert... LOL.

Macha Zen is either this,

or this vanila green tea and red bean dessert ...

Overall dinner was fun (food wise I think could be better but ok lah). It was nice meeting up with everyone and getting a free meal :p Thank you Kor Kor!

After the heavy dinner, me and Jin toured a certain factory manufacturing butter. Haha... *winks* for those who gets what I mean.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

SaturDAY in Singapore

We woke too late for breakfast and brunch on Saturday. So we just headed out for lunch. We ended up at Shokudo, Japanese Pasta and Pizza in City Link Mall.

Jin ordered the Cabonara Shokudo Style (SG12.80). Surprisingly it tasted quite good. I personally prefer authentic Japanese and Italian dishes but this works.

The Tako and Bacon (SG12.80) I had wasn't to bad either. I loved the fact that they have used smoked bacon which really brought out the pork fat smell to the pasta.

Jin ordered the Iwate Kinoko Soup (SG5.80),I took a spoonful to try. The soup was really thick and creamy... maybe way too creamy for my liking. Taste wise was alright.

Mango Kakigori (SG6.80). We ordered this a little later but it took way too long to come. It actually came only after the third time we have reminded the staff there. I wasn't expecting a apology for the delay. I didn't get any. But guess what we were told? "Oh this took longer as we are giving you extra mango on top". I would rather you save the mango (and excuses) and just give us the desert. (Bad service and even worst cover up!) Honestly a real waste of time and money because any "mango loh" in KL tasted just like this one... if not better.

So after lunch the plan was to be the typical tourist and do all the tourist stuff on Saturday. Of all the 20 to 30 times I have been in Singapore, not once did I actually visit their famous monument, the Merlion. We headed off to visit the Merlion and got lost. A nice Singaporean actually walked us from the lost world until we could see the Merlion from a far.

A few tips while taking pictures... bring a lot of tissue, wet tissue is possible. Why? As we were taking pictures, the wind blow. All the water particles came with the wind and on to us. And you have got to be there to actually see how "clean" the water is. The water is stagnant, and there is actually a very strong stench.

Anyway, after Merlion, we headed to the Fountain of Fortune. I needed lots of those. As we walk back to the way we came from, we passed by this passage way under the National Arts Center. I love love love the art scene there!

I know honey is good for the skin. But the honey comb? I just had to take a picture with this. My green shirt actually blends with the background, and the colorful camouflage with the forest poster. HAHA.. ok maybe I was just syok sendiri.

Anyway, saw this cloth fungus decoration at the display of an empty shop. Cute huh.

The Fountain of Wealth was ...well, all I can say is that the effect was different when I saw it at night on top outside on the road. You kind of have to walk up to the fountain, circle the fountain while your hand is touching the fountain water.

Did I get wealthier? Nope.

I think it was about four in the late afternoon when we finally decided we needed a break. I saw this soya bean shop and decided to go for a cold soya milk drink.

....but instead, we took the Taufo Fah with almond milk. Awesome stuff! The Taufo Fah was smooth but the almond milk was a little grainy. The aroma of the almond was really strong which made the whole desert so good.

We did some shopping, and headed to Bugis for SaturNight.

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