Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Busy busy busy. Life is driving me nuts these days. I tell myself that I need a break away from work, life and activities, but every time I do find time,...

why oh why do I say "YES! I'll do that!" I wonder if it's a bad thing.

Anyway, I better feed on some good ol' Do Nuts, HAHAHAHA just to make sure I'm ok being nutty.

I got these from Giant. Comes cheap and goes well with hot tea, coffee or cocoa! I kind of got sick from all the other "branded" donuts out there. Somehow I miss the sugared soft large fluffy donuts so much more than I miss J.Co or Big Apple.

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14 pieces of worms:


haha, agreed. I still love the original stuff the most.

Big Boys Oven

lovely donuts!

Precious Pea

Ahh...this is what i like! The original donuts!

Keropok Man

i like those with colourful or chocolate sprinkle.

from the neighborhood bakeries :-)

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I never did fancy JCo or Big Apple. The dough is too thin for my liking. I like my dough thick and filling, which is why I opt for old fashion sugar frosted dougnuts!

Mmmmm... Mmmmmm!!!



These are good too! RM0.80 one ah?


Spread some jam on it :)

Simon Seow

Back to the basic huh. My childhood fav.


oooo i loved these too!


i miss the alien at Big Apple !!! :P


U ate 5?!


J2Kfm: I think sooner or later folks will start missing this again.

Big Boys Oven: yes they are.. and big too!

Precious Pea: hehe cheap too

Keropok Man: we have it here also.. a lot at morning markets

nat: u in thailand.. me jeles.. hope things are ok over there

wmw: hmm I think so. It comes in the count plastic container...

jason: hmm so sweet woor.. but i like the idea haha... slurp slurp the sweet stuff

simon: yeah. i guess these are our comfort donuts. HAHA

babe_kl: gimmie 5!

ling239: Is that a flavor? I seldom go to big apple. I like J.Co more.

tummythoz: hahahaha you know.. i wish i got my hands on it earlier.... i only at one.. the rest was devouvored by my family.


sometimes old school doughnuts are so much better to those really commercial kinds.. kinda of getting bored of the same sweet flavours that all Jco & Big Apples share.. sigh~

have a nice day~

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