Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meals Station

I have been having lunch at Meals Station in Wisma UOA near Suria KLCC quite often since they open. Many mixed reviews on this place, and I can see why.

I personally find the food here value for money. While some of the dishes are just so so, I have found a few of my favorite dishes here as well. But what turns me off is the service. It's not the lack of attention, but everything seems slow moving here.

Butter and Kaya Toast (RM1.50 for plain bread) (RM2.50 for wholemeal bread) Very standard stuff.

Curry Noodles (RM7.90). This was my first dish I tried on their launching day. I did like the curry, but the coconut milk in it kind of made me feel uneasy. Then again, I'm not a very big fan of curry santan noodles.

The Dry Curry Noodles (RM6.90) is more me. Totally love the fragrant from the dry curry and the chicken served with the bowl of noodles is always soaked well with curry. The deep fried onions on top gives the dish a big plus.

Meals Fried Rice (RM8.90) is something very common. But for those who likes simple fried rice, this is the rice to order.

The Fried Chicken Rice (RM9.90) is another dish I enjoy. The fried chicken comes with either plain rice or nasi lemak, your choice. The fried chicken slightly crunchy on the outside, and on the inside soft juicy meat.

Kurma Chicken (RM9.90) was a little disappointing. I kind of expected to get something hot, or at least warm. But this is one cold chicken. The taste didn't impress me much, maybe because it was too cold. No aroma, lack of the spice flavor.

I actually choked on the beef piece of this Beef Rendang Rice (RM8.90) at the first bite. Hehe.. the chili went down the wrong tube. I can't really tell you how this tasted because the whole choking killed my taste buds the day I had the beef.

Last but not the least, the Curry Chicken Rice (RM8.90). I prefer the fried chicken rice to this. The curry chicken didn't give me the kick the fried chicken or the dry curry did.

In summary, I have my favorites, and have those I don't like. I have been eating here, and will continue to have my yum yum dry curry noodles... but do hope they can improve on their service.

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9 pieces of worms:


i love dried curry noodle!!
have to go hunt for this place d...^_^


I want the fried chicken rice! I regret I came here at this time, I'm hungry!:(


ling239: hehe if youare around the area during lunch on a working day let me know. i'll meet up with you

kok: hahahaha ;p lick the screen?


The fried chicken drumstick so huge, can get full just by eating that!!


I realised sooooo many yrs I havent been to KLCC. there're a few places I'm going to try.
thanks for the recommendations.

Precious Pea

That piece of fried chic look a bit like Madam Kwan hor? Long time never go KLCC many eateries unheard of. :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving

thats alot alot alot of times u been here b4 u put up this review eh..

aiyah one shot splurge go eat jap buffet for lunch la haha


mimid3vils: yes yes.. thats y i think its value for money.

j2kfm: np =)

p.pea: yeah, but this is so much more worth is compared to madam kwan's

joe: heh saisaki ah.. no thanks. I have any other food any time. Saisaki is getting bad to worst.

Simon Seow

I like the look of the fried chicken drumstick.

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