Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ministry of Food, My Izakaya

When I saw this, it totally reminded me of MOS. Ministry of Sound. Clubbing while having some sashimi? I can see that happening. HAHAHA.

Anyway, SaturNIGHT was meeting up with folks from Singapore which I want to meet/see. My *ahem* good looking brother was there. The two Ying's I know... one my good buddy back from college days, and the other famous flogger XLB. And last but definitely not the least, I finally get to meet the famous KeropokMan and his other half. The meet up felt like a gathering for long lost friends because it didn't feel like I was meeting them for the first time. =)

Anyway, initially we were suppose to meet at Ma Maison, but it was a Saturday night and we didn't manage to get our bookings. We ended up in Ministry of Food, My Izakaya
at Bugis Junction (+65 6338 6466).

I'm leaving you with more of the pictures that text. I can't really remember the taste of each of them... but, if I remember them, they are either good, or really bad ;p

Salmon Cutlet Maki (SG8.80)

Karaage Maki (SG8.80)

Wasabi cold salad (SG7.80)

Tips on eating salad.

The salad was quite plain actually, should have poured more of the wasabi sauce on top. Lovely sauce.

Seafood Toji Set with the stove.

Seafood Toji Set with the stove (SG18.80) I was either XLB or my bro who ordered this... looks interesting because it came served with a mini gas stove!

Tan Tan Ramen (SG8.80) Boing boing noodles? hehe

Tonkotsu Ramen (SG8.80)

Seafood Cold Ramen (SG9.90) I think I had this.. haha.... I guess it was ok.

Tips on eating cold Ramen.

....Jin asked me to take a picture of this because... HAHAHA...yeah it does.

Gelato in a cup (SG3.50). My green tea ice was YUM YUM! I actually enjoyed this more than Hokkaido ice cream. I think Hokkaido ice cream is over rated. Tried it the next day...didn't like it. Gave it a second shot during the Japanese fair in Iseitan last month, still don't like it.

Sesame ice cream.

Soft creamy vanilla ice cream with deep fried yam and sweet potato on the side. This was really good stuff!!! All of us kind of leached off KeropokMan's dessert... LOL.

Macha Zen is either this,

or this vanila green tea and red bean dessert ...

Overall dinner was fun (food wise I think could be better but ok lah). It was nice meeting up with everyone and getting a free meal :p Thank you Kor Kor!

After the heavy dinner, me and Jin toured a certain factory manufacturing butter. Haha... *winks* for those who gets what I mean.

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looks damn good la teckie. i miss japanese food so much and it is the hardest to replicate in the kitchen. eat more for me!

Binky, Blogging and Such

The ice-creams look yummy!


*Slowly nods* <-- Referring to 'it'... yeah it does... >.< Looks like that guy needs more rounds of balance in diet.

Just kidding. ;-P

Everything looks delish!


"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahaa..tour or sight seeing guys?

Simon Seow

Any linkage with the MOF in Pavilion?


Gosh, what a spread..and i like those little tips! how funny!

Big Boys Oven

walio so salivating dishes! I like the desserts, lovely lar!


lianne: make pork on a stick! smoke bacon wrap in inoki mushrooms?

Binky, Blogging and Such : oh yes they are! just love the green tea ice cream!


Joe: Both? hehe

Simon: i think so..

daphne: haha yeah.. actually its a good idea. most of the time people dont know how to start with the food.

bbo: yeah they are. XLB told me that they are famous for their ice cream


omg your icecream shots sooo niceee..

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