Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

Jin and I skipped breakfast again on Sunday. SaturNight was way fun. And I think this is my first time going out to the clubs, wanting to return to bed before the club closes. What time does the clubs close anyway? We left at 4am and they were still blastin' music away! Clubbing is cheap in Singapore, and crowds are way better too. I can't believe it when I saw the board "Before 10pm, SG11, After SG24"... I think it was SG24, can't remember but, that with 2 drinks. I don't think you can find a nice club in KL with a RM24 cover charge with 2 drinks. And booze and cocktails are way cheaper then KL too!

Anyway... other than missing the nightlife in Kiasu Land, I really miss my Sunday Japanese Yakitori lunch at Nanbantei!

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant is some where in Far East Plaza. (Level 05-132) Call +65-6733-5666 for reservations. Jin suppose to bring me to anyther Japanese place in Far East but the restarant was closed. We ended up randomly picking a place to eat and ended up at Nanbantei which was just located in front of the escalator.

I am actually not a big fan of Yakitori. I have never eating yummy ones before. When the Yakitori Obento Set (SG12.50) came, I tried, I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either. The mushrooms, quale eggs and french beans were nice, but the chicken on a stick itself was not for me.

The mochi red bean desert that came with the set was also just so so.

But... thank god that the obento was the only order that was not worth remembering. The sashimi (SG28) came and YES! Fresh... thick slices... the butter fish so sweet... nothing like the sashimi's in KL.

Ika Maruyaki (SG10) was awesome! We sat at the counter and saw this two other guys ordering this squid. Since we could still stomach food, we decided to order that. The chef took the squid and placed if on the BBQ. It took quite long to cook but the results is worth waiting for.

I love the crispy tentacles part. The small little suction thingy was crispy, but the whole tentacle part was soft chewy rubbery sweet. Totally love it with a little lemon juice on top.

If the Ika Maruyaki is 9/10. The Gyu Yaki (SG9.50) is a 10/10! This is by far the best beef on a stick I have tasted in my life! So tender, so juicy, tasted so delicious and smelt so darn good... *dreaming* ...still *dreaming* ...

But... I think I have to minus one mark from the perfect score. Jin's stick was a little over salted. But I can close an eye on that. Salty or not, I still can't get the beef on a stick out of my mind!

You people in Singapore really have go to try the Ika Maruyaki!

I'll definitely come back here when I'm down in Singapore. ...damn.. I made myself hungry...
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Oh more clubby stories pliissssss. M out of it since I've aged. No more long nights stamina. Miss it soooo much. =(


Wah SGD24 for 2 drinks?? Where to get that here???


The grill beef is a bit burnt & not appetizing though :P


the beef really so tasty? doesn;t look like it though. but the IKA on the other hand... yummy stuff!


the Ika Maruyaki looks juicy and delicious ~ ^_^

Nic (KHKL)

which club u went lar?
MOS ar?


and I missed this when I was back? Darn!


ello....duno how,,somehow i landed here in ur blog...a really nice 1, starts drooling seeing those food ...LOL...

u post really nice plave with great food here !!!

can i link u in my blog ?? ( i lurve FOOD, craving all the time......I LIVE TO EAT )


thummythoz: eh woman.. who said anyone is too old?

jason: SG24 if you convert to RM its about there also.. but if dollar to dollar.. really way too cheap to believe

mimid3vils, j2kfm: but its really good i tell ya!

ling239: u know how they tested it if it was cooked? he kind of poke it with his fingers.. it was like bouncy.. then he took it off the bbq

nic: we went to butter factory

daphne: next round maybe?

huichian: =) sure... i live to eat too!


wow.. look at those prawn, must ve delicious... i liek to eat prawn sashimi...

look at the squid... omg... can some one courier it to penang?

Simon Seow

Oh my oh my, such high recommendation from Teckiee, must put it on my Singapore must eat list. Uncle Nic, and XLB interested to join me here when I come down?

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