Thursday, September 04, 2008

SaturDAY in Singapore

We woke too late for breakfast and brunch on Saturday. So we just headed out for lunch. We ended up at Shokudo, Japanese Pasta and Pizza in City Link Mall.

Jin ordered the Cabonara Shokudo Style (SG12.80). Surprisingly it tasted quite good. I personally prefer authentic Japanese and Italian dishes but this works.

The Tako and Bacon (SG12.80) I had wasn't to bad either. I loved the fact that they have used smoked bacon which really brought out the pork fat smell to the pasta.

Jin ordered the Iwate Kinoko Soup (SG5.80),I took a spoonful to try. The soup was really thick and creamy... maybe way too creamy for my liking. Taste wise was alright.

Mango Kakigori (SG6.80). We ordered this a little later but it took way too long to come. It actually came only after the third time we have reminded the staff there. I wasn't expecting a apology for the delay. I didn't get any. But guess what we were told? "Oh this took longer as we are giving you extra mango on top". I would rather you save the mango (and excuses) and just give us the desert. (Bad service and even worst cover up!) Honestly a real waste of time and money because any "mango loh" in KL tasted just like this one... if not better.

So after lunch the plan was to be the typical tourist and do all the tourist stuff on Saturday. Of all the 20 to 30 times I have been in Singapore, not once did I actually visit their famous monument, the Merlion. We headed off to visit the Merlion and got lost. A nice Singaporean actually walked us from the lost world until we could see the Merlion from a far.

A few tips while taking pictures... bring a lot of tissue, wet tissue is possible. Why? As we were taking pictures, the wind blow. All the water particles came with the wind and on to us. And you have got to be there to actually see how "clean" the water is. The water is stagnant, and there is actually a very strong stench.

Anyway, after Merlion, we headed to the Fountain of Fortune. I needed lots of those. As we walk back to the way we came from, we passed by this passage way under the National Arts Center. I love love love the art scene there!

I know honey is good for the skin. But the honey comb? I just had to take a picture with this. My green shirt actually blends with the background, and the colorful camouflage with the forest poster. HAHA.. ok maybe I was just syok sendiri.

Anyway, saw this cloth fungus decoration at the display of an empty shop. Cute huh.

The Fountain of Wealth was ...well, all I can say is that the effect was different when I saw it at night on top outside on the road. You kind of have to walk up to the fountain, circle the fountain while your hand is touching the fountain water.

Did I get wealthier? Nope.

I think it was about four in the late afternoon when we finally decided we needed a break. I saw this soya bean shop and decided to go for a cold soya milk drink.

....but instead, we took the Taufo Fah with almond milk. Awesome stuff! The Taufo Fah was smooth but the almond milk was a little grainy. The aroma of the almond was really strong which made the whole desert so good.

We did some shopping, and headed to Bugis for SaturNight.

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of all the visits to S'pore, I realised I;ve only been eating in food courts, and hawker fare. probably the restaurants are pricier back then comapred to KL's. but nowadays, I think Shokudo is on par with Pasta de Gohan and Pasta Zanmai


That Jap/Italian Fusion concept... I recalled seeing something very similar in MBK @ BKK. Might give it a try. The sheer variety is alarming.



j2kfm: hmm i pass on Sg's hawker. Somehow i still find theirs not nice compared to KL's. But their Japanese, McD's and Soya stuff are way better.

Nat: hmm yeah hor.. u'll be going back... nvm... if there is a change i'll go over

Life for Beginners

Well, I guess that's another reason to visit our Southern neighbours --- they will always surprise us with new and old creations, or fusion in this case. Some, as you say, tastier than the fare we have here. Oh it's all for the makan, I tell you... ;)

Keropok Man

McD's better here? Hmmm
I don't feel bad eating at McD's now. LOL


I thought the Merlion (Mermaid Lion?) is located at the southern SG?


kenny: i second that. they seem to be more creative ...but i think only on the restaurant food... they hawker food.. Kiasi folks are better ;p

keropokman: hahaha ok ..maybe i have to be more specific.. the McDs french fries and ice cream is better ;p

jason: hmm i dont know if i was at the south or where.. but that was the merlion that all the tour busses stop at.

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