Sunday, September 28, 2008

You Lek Cheras

I was kind of looking thought my old collecting dust and bugs drafts on Blogger trying to feel if I had the mood to blog any of them. That is when I saw this. I wonder if Jason and WMWremembers this food crawl long ago at Jalan You Lek....

Let's see what I can or cannot remember.

This is WMW's favorite chee cheong fun stall. True or False? True. (It is also true that WMW loves her CCF.. any CCF)

All the "liew" for the chee cheong fun.

WMW come here to have the pink pork ball. True or False? True. (But I don't think all pork balls are pink. I still prefer the ones processed with the chopper and is brown in color when cooked)

This pau stall is located at the starting of the road... some where in You Lek. True or false? True (Jason, you most probably have to correct me, the road name is You Lek right?)

I bought this siew mai from the pau stall. If my memory serves me correctly, there were bigger that the normal siew mai and tasted quite good.

Jason's red bean pau which tasted too sweet for him, but was ok for me and WMW.

Last but not least, the loh mai fan. Can't remember how this taste like... hmm...

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14 pieces of worms:


hahaha ..stumbled upon an old gem of a post? :)

not Yulek ah? must ask jason.


How come this ccf got so many liew one???


It's actually call Taman Cheras (in Cantonese " Yulek"....the row of stalls located around the corner of the 7-Eleven. Those aren't just any pink pork balls, those are ham meatballs. So, the answer to that questions is True AND False!

The Glutinouse Rice (Lo Mai Kai) is tasty but on the oily side. However, rates fairly good considering it's from a road side stall (which is almost directly in front of 7-11).

Had lotsa fun, when do you want to do such trips again?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wah looks like wmw has a very good memory haha..almost an additional commentary to the main post..


now that you mention the place we really have to make an extra effort to crawl into Cheras ( which seem like even more distant than Ipoh & Langkawi, from where we are in PJ)!


Hey.. This is a really nice to go. I love it so much, every night i go to Cheras, my mind automatically put an alert of this place.


Never see pink pork ball b4~~

Simon Seow

LOL. All the 'liew'. Used to come here for supper when my friend still stay in Taman Sri Bahtera when we're in secondary school.

Big Boys Oven

must go to yu lek! food looks cool!


i like red bean pao....
i still think the City Sun near Taman Mayang Mas has got the best red bean pao ~ ^_^


j2kfm: Yulek, you lek... hahaha i know how to eat only.. ;p

kok: hmm some dont have the liew, some got.. but this one lots of variety to choose from.

wmw, joe: hahaha pai sheh... she remembers her pink pork balls cos thats her fav... that i remember hehe

bsg: goshh haven see u guys for ages!!!! r u all on facebook?

fooi: it's like me and SS2! hehe

mimid3vils: hehehe me too until that day.

Simon: Eh.. arent u PJ kia?

BBO: There are many other stalls there.. lots to try.

ling239: Mayang Mas as in the one in PJ? It been a whole since I have been to Mayang Mas

Simon Seow

huh? who says I'm PJ kia? I stayed in Segambut, KL. Studied in Taman Maluri, Cheras. My mum's family live in PJ Old Town. 1 Utama quite near my place. I work in Damansara Heights. I'm Klang Valley Kia


Hehe, the road name is not Jalan Yulek but the area is called Yulek lah.

I also like the ham meatballs :)

Keropok Man

'ta pow' some when you next come to Sg can? :-p

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