Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senjyu Sushi

I still have the RM5 voucher for Senjyu Sushi valid until 20th November. But with this busy schedule, it's hard to find time to head back. (I can hardly find time to blog about this!) I was there earlier this month.. or was is late last month?.. with WMW and Simon.

Senjyu Sushi's second outlet is located in Cineleisure, just beside McDonald's. Their first outlet is at Sunway Pyramid which was open just a few months earlier.

We were told that the wasabi is fresh and flown in from Sakura land. This is really good stuff. The wasabi stings the nose right after it touches the tongue unlike those at the other sushi chains.

Abalone Ikura (RM12). Simon had this. Looks really good, but I wouldn't know the taste until the next time I'm back in Senjyu Sushi.

The Foie Gras Maki which came with the Oyster Mentai Maki.

The Oyster Mentai Maki.

The makis comes in pairs. RM24.90 for 4 pieces. I think it's quite reasonable for the goodies? .. then again I have got taste them myself to know. Simon had them... droolss.

Nasu Dengaku (RM5.90). The grilled eggplant topped with fish flakes which tasted really good. The outer part if the eggplant was lightly crispy, the inside all soft and sweet. And the plus plus was the miso and bonito topping that they put on top.

WMW's Inaniwa Udon with Tori Ankake (RM19.90). I tasted the soup, filled with flavor just like how I like my soups.

Yasai Miso Soup with noodles (RM13.90). This noodle soup is actually not on the menu. Since I wanted something soupy, I was recommended the Yasai soup, and the chef added the udon for me. I often do not order udon because the thick circular noodles is just too thick for me. But this was flat and did not turn all soft after being soaked in the soup for a long period of time. This was one of my most enjoyable Japanese noodle dishes I have tried so far.

Japanese Curry! Curry curry curry! The curry continue to boil as there is a burning gel at the bottom of the clay pot so you can be assured that your curry stays hot.

Mixed Agemono (RM16.90) goes with the Japanese Curry. The Agemono which consisted of chicken, salmon, quail eggs and Shikate mushrooms. This is really good stuff. The crispy Agemonos were all delicious. Dry and crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. And as for the pot of curry, I wished it was a Magic Curry Pot.

The interesting looking Charcoal Udon (RM14.90) which I was told it was good for digestion. I wonder if Simon "processed" well that night hehe.

WMW order the Aspara Niku Kushiyaki (RM5.90), grilled strip loin beef rolled with asparagus. Not really a fan of this one as I found the beef a wee bit dry.

Tori Kawa Kushiyaki aka the crispy chicken skin (RM4.9) The looks of it reminded me if the curly crispy chicken skin I had in Bangkok.

Portabello Tsukune Kushiyaki (RM7.90). WMW let us try the meat stuffing.. good stuff. I like the combination of beef and vegetables that they minced together.

The sticky Mochi Unagi Kushiyaki (RM9.90). Grilled Japanese rice cake paired with succulent river eel which Simon had. I got a feeling I won't be liking this. Melted mochi is... well... not really my taste.

Halfway eating and taking pictures, the waiter clear our table of empty plates but inadvertently cleared one side of WMW'd chopsticks. WMW didn't even realize until later that she was using a chopsticks and a yakitori stick!

We ended the meal with deserts, something called the Pretty Ugly pudding (RM7.90).

This green Edamame pudding was named ugly as the surface of the pudding is not smooth, but with port holes.

The pretty supposed to be smoother, but this is preety ugly. I didn't like both of the pudding. It was too creamy for me with out the hint of Edamame or the pumpkin.

Overall I think it was a good meal. Will I return to use the RM5 voucher which I received after this meal? Yup! but... it's not about the RM5 la. Food is good, service is above par, ambiance is excellent.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Kind of cool huh...

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ash, the amazing washing power

The next day after the BBQ my mom asked me not to throw the ash that was sitting under the grills of the BBQ pit. HUH? Why? My mom ketuk my kepala (hit my head).

"Aiyah, if Ah Ma (my grandma) hears this, she will surely said 'Ah Ni Kuan Pun Beh Hiau Ah?' (You don't know?!?)"

Well, on the olden days this is how folks wash pots, pans and woks.

These are stains which stick to the metal after long period of cooking. I could only was a little off. But what you see here are permanent stains that the normal washing liquid/gel/cream can not remove.

The side of the old and stained pot.

Bottom of the pot.

Sprinkle some fairy dust .... hahaha .. the ash lah.

Dab your soapy washing sponge on the ash and scrub the pot.

After a few moments, you will be able to see the results.

Rinse, and VIOLAH! Almost brand new pot ;p ... almost

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

BBQ with gang

YC: *ring* Hi can I speak to Teckiee please?
me *hmmm its a local number but why does it sound so much like YC... he is in UK* *Looks at my cell phone display again... Yup local number*
Me: YC!!!!!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!!
Hehh and you thought I would not figure out you are. ;p

Kind of ironic because while YC is back from UK for a month, Nat is away in BKK for 3 months. The long awaited gathering was missing a person again. But never the less, YC I so glad you are back though its only for a month.

The gang was initially planning for a break away trip to Cameron Highlands but while planning the trip I got excited and carried away. I thought of all the things that we should do.. and one of them was a BBQ party with just the few of us. Since we had the Raya holidays off, we planned a BBQ party!

Since it was an almost an impromptu kind of party, we didn't have much time to prepare. I bought really depressing looking chicken wings and marinated it with sugar, salt garlic and turmeric. Friends bought some chicken balls and sausages, some Swiss mushrooms from my fridge, Mom came home with corn from the pasar malam, and not forgetting my yummy yummy garlic bread.

It's really not hard to make them. Butter + salt + garlic + spices. Works well for all occasions.

Ohh.. and I made the Chocolate Cheese brownies squares from Joy Of Baking again. I really thought that I would have left overs but ...HAHA all were eaten! w00t!

So anyway, I ended up sleeping only 6am in the morning the next day because we spent the whole night playing games. From Wii to Taboo to Twister. Gosh.. it was really a fun night. If only Nat was around that the night would have been perfect!

Ok la.. this is more of a me post than a food post ;p But enjoy anyway (though the picture really sucks.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Imbi Hawkers

Sexy legs! HAHAHA!

Ok, for those who went "huh? what?" well, ... it's just me. I just find the roasted golden brown chicken wings resembles the ladies legs a lot.

Anyway I had these chicken wings (6 for RM12) at the Jalan Imbi hawker area for dinner during one of the nights I was working late with colleagues. It was just so so.

Beside the chicken wings stall was the satay stall. My colleague ordered the chicken satay. A wee bit on the oily side but I think I could have had more of these. Very flavorful, crispy on the outside, but really moist on the inside. Thumbs up for this chicken satay. This was one of the best chicken satay I have tasted recently.

Also in the same hawker area; this famous YTF stall. I heard quite a number of good reviews but..

...some how I wasn't really into it. I couldn't figure what was special about it. The soup taste ok, the tofu was as smooth as any tofu, the stuffing was ordinary. Maybe I was expecting too much?

Last but not least, I ordered the pork mix porridge "chu chap choke" (RM3.50) for myself. Very plain pork mix porridge.

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