Friday, October 10, 2008

Ash, the amazing washing power

The next day after the BBQ my mom asked me not to throw the ash that was sitting under the grills of the BBQ pit. HUH? Why? My mom ketuk my kepala (hit my head).

"Aiyah, if Ah Ma (my grandma) hears this, she will surely said 'Ah Ni Kuan Pun Beh Hiau Ah?' (You don't know?!?)"

Well, on the olden days this is how folks wash pots, pans and woks.

These are stains which stick to the metal after long period of cooking. I could only was a little off. But what you see here are permanent stains that the normal washing liquid/gel/cream can not remove.

The side of the old and stained pot.

Bottom of the pot.

Sprinkle some fairy dust .... hahaha .. the ash lah.

Dab your soapy washing sponge on the ash and scrub the pot.

After a few moments, you will be able to see the results.

Rinse, and VIOLAH! Almost brand new pot ;p ... almost

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14 pieces of worms:


hahaha, i like the part you kena ketuk kepala! sounds like my mum!


I never know this! Next time I can try liao. Your mama got read your blog ah? If she read, I think my kepala also kemek liao. kakaka!


Very environment friendly too :)


Oooh...didn't know that either!


wow wee... sounds good, economical too! thanks for the tip. *knocking my own head*


i have even heard about brushing teeth with ash! i have never tried it tho


Now this brings me back to when I was just this high. My mom used to have a charcoal stove, so most washing was with ash. Nowadays such fairy dust is hard to come by.


Aunty teckiee = super IT chiq + super cleaning tips = rule the world!


Julie the ketuk kepala part.

I still keep some ashes in case i need it to clean those blackie stains. Yaya, Ah Ma teach one.

Precious Pea

U can really ketuk my head! I didn't know that. This Sat i have BBQ and am going to save the ash! Works for cleaning oven or not?


Oooh... I never heard of this too.


lianne: hehehe mom's in common

kok: HAHAHAHAHA my mom dont read.. or at least i hope she doesnt.

mimid3vils: yeah. recycle maximum!

wmw: me too. until kena ketuk kepala hehe

skinnymom: hehehe have more bbq parties =)

xin: ahh how when u mention.. i think i heard about it too... but i dont think i'll be doing that

tummythoz: LOL... I cant see how high.

Nat: hahaha i need to look for my keyboard cleaning post LOL!

Julie: ahh ah ma told my mom too

p.pea: oven ah.. I'm not sure about that. The ash will be in the oven like that. Better not try.

jason: *runs after Jason...ketuk kepala* LOL!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

Thanks for the tip teckiee, can only try next year in summer! ; )


mush: you're welcome

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