Thursday, October 09, 2008

BBQ with gang

YC: *ring* Hi can I speak to Teckiee please?
me *hmmm its a local number but why does it sound so much like YC... he is in UK* *Looks at my cell phone display again... Yup local number*
Me: YC!!!!!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!!
Hehh and you thought I would not figure out you are. ;p

Kind of ironic because while YC is back from UK for a month, Nat is away in BKK for 3 months. The long awaited gathering was missing a person again. But never the less, YC I so glad you are back though its only for a month.

The gang was initially planning for a break away trip to Cameron Highlands but while planning the trip I got excited and carried away. I thought of all the things that we should do.. and one of them was a BBQ party with just the few of us. Since we had the Raya holidays off, we planned a BBQ party!

Since it was an almost an impromptu kind of party, we didn't have much time to prepare. I bought really depressing looking chicken wings and marinated it with sugar, salt garlic and turmeric. Friends bought some chicken balls and sausages, some Swiss mushrooms from my fridge, Mom came home with corn from the pasar malam, and not forgetting my yummy yummy garlic bread.

It's really not hard to make them. Butter + salt + garlic + spices. Works well for all occasions.

Ohh.. and I made the Chocolate Cheese brownies squares from Joy Of Baking again. I really thought that I would have left overs but ...HAHA all were eaten! w00t!

So anyway, I ended up sleeping only 6am in the morning the next day because we spent the whole night playing games. From Wii to Taboo to Twister. Gosh.. it was really a fun night. If only Nat was around that the night would have been perfect!

Ok la.. this is more of a me post than a food post ;p But enjoy anyway (though the picture really sucks.

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*Distant spooky wailing all the way from Bangkok...*

"Whyyyyyyyy... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."



Make that garlic bread for me! It looks so nice!


the chicken wings look so yellow....:p


me lub bbq wings! but i hate the process of marinating, and bbq-ing. i just can't wait to eat

- ddkwh -

where got sucky pictures ar?! never post one?! hahaha. its not that bad la...

or maybe it is...time to get a dslr. :p

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

aiyah delicious mouth watering food again, if i were there i would crash into your BBQ party hehehehehh. Hugs for a gd weekend Teckiee


Nat: hahaha plsssss go do something nottie! I wanna hear stories! HAHAHA

Kok: hehe easy only la. you can diy for your next bbq party!

ling239: tumeric ma

xin: hahahahaha aiyah, if you bbq it yourself it taste better

ddkwh: sucky la. i took a few only. didnt have the mood for taking pictures that night.

mush: hahaha crash ahead...hahahah


I didnt have chicken wing for my last BBQ coz it's cooked slow :P

Precious Pea

I heard so much of your choc cheese brownies...wonder when have chance to try leh...hmm..

Andrew Abraham

Your recipes look mouth watering.. Actually making me hungry... Maybe you would consider sharing with the members of some of your interesting recipes..We have been chatting about Asian recipes...and yours look great..Please let me know..



mimid3vils: hhehehe you lazy to wait only is it? ;p

p.pea: hahah ok got the hint ;p

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