Sunday, October 05, 2008

Imbi Hawkers

Sexy legs! HAHAHA!

Ok, for those who went "huh? what?" well, ... it's just me. I just find the roasted golden brown chicken wings resembles the ladies legs a lot.

Anyway I had these chicken wings (6 for RM12) at the Jalan Imbi hawker area for dinner during one of the nights I was working late with colleagues. It was just so so.

Beside the chicken wings stall was the satay stall. My colleague ordered the chicken satay. A wee bit on the oily side but I think I could have had more of these. Very flavorful, crispy on the outside, but really moist on the inside. Thumbs up for this chicken satay. This was one of the best chicken satay I have tasted recently.

Also in the same hawker area; this famous YTF stall. I heard quite a number of good reviews but..

...some how I wasn't really into it. I couldn't figure what was special about it. The soup taste ok, the tofu was as smooth as any tofu, the stuffing was ordinary. Maybe I was expecting too much?

Last but not least, I ordered the pork mix porridge "chu chap choke" (RM3.50) for myself. Very plain pork mix porridge.

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Sexy legs for me anytime!!! haha!


The chu chap choke looks good with the keropok.


i love the YTF there!!!! especially the white YTF!


I love those crispy intestines they put in porridges. Cannot goet it for love nor money in the UK!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

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oohh, i had a good version of chu chap juk in medan pasar (next to the beef noodles shop).. yummy stuff. maybe you should try it..but beware of snatch thieves though..


Hhmm.. I wonder where is this place...

Any landmark?

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

ayoh yoh!! everytime i come here, sure drool over food! i miss satay alot! and those chicken wings looks so delicious Teckiee.... inspiring photo, will probably make those this weekend hahaha

Argus Lou

Hi there! Your picture of the chue chap chook really brought back memories of my Sixth Form days at TAR College. Yummy.


Eh, is this opposite Weng Hing coffeeshop?

Hugo Lim

off-topic, your fruit fox link on ur sidebar links to a picture and not a link. which i think it supposed to go to a blog post like any other photos in the sidebar do =)



kok: hahahah which sexy legs? ;p~

worldwindows: Those fried stuff are deep fried pig's intestines.

jackson: Aiyah one day i need to bring you to the YTF in restaurant O&S. I like that one better.

Hazza: hmm china town?

Nigel: wee! havent done tags for sometime now.

sc: wait wait.. there is medan pasar? pasar rakyat?

chong: if you are from Jalan Conlay turing into Jalan Imbi, there will be this empty spot with all the hawkers on the left after the shop bungalows.

mush: LOL! hey how was raya?

argus: glad to have reminded you on the good ol days =)

jason: yup those empty. they only open for dinner.

hugo: hey thanks.. got to edit that soon.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus
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Simon Seow

A one place to have them all place. Woot!

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