Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aunty, I miss your cooking


Aunty!!!!!!!! I miss your cooking!!!!

Pudina Chutney

Aunty is actually my ex-intern mom. Aunty used to cook for her daughter, and pack a little extra for the Chinese girl (me lah).


The first dish that I have tasted from aunty's kitchen is the Kesari. I totally love it. Love it so much that I bugged her for the recipe and tried making it on my own. I made an OK tasting Kesari on my 3rd try but...auntyyy yours is still the best!


I love her Tosai and Idly as well. Goes really well with her homemade Pudina Chutney which I also love! Aunty, I went out to Indian restaurants to look for better Kesari and Pudina Chutney, nothing beats yours.

And then there's this. I have no idea what this glutinous rice sweet cake is called but it sure taste good. I believe its made from gula melaka.

Eh hold on, I think this was the first thing I tried from aunty, not the Kesari. It's some flour thing with onions. Good stuff too.

Chickpeas and yellow rice.

I don't know what aunty put in there to make the rice turn yellow. Yellow ginger? Saffron? I wonder if I ever get to eat aunty's food again.


Very simple ikan bilis sambal that went well with rice and noodles. Aunty's sambal wasn't that spicy so I had so much of it!

Of course I didn't hog this container filled with scrambled egg and kangkung. ...even the simple cooks that aunty made was delicious.

This I wished aunty would make more. Some thing like Kesari but different.

Aunty, I miss your cooking!!!!

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10 pieces of worms:


Nothing like the food from the humble kitchen at home. Yes the auntie's kitchen. I have 2 aunties. One was fantastic with curry pork leg. Yes, pork leg! Another lamb with the bone thick with marrow. You almost made me exclaimed too, Auntie, your food taste so goood....

Lyrical Lemongrass

Looks like you've tried very traditional home cooked indian food. That's fantastic. :-)

Precious Pea

Lucky you! Your intern so smart..know that the way to your heart is through food! Hahaha!


yum, i love home cook indian food too!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

hey teckiee, hope this comment finds u well. u know, its so tough to get this kind of indian food here, what's common here is north indian tourist food! u cant find those indian food that normal indian people cook at home! i truly MISS those, like the ones u mentioned, esp the KESARI or sambar! Cant wait to be home again next year, i will go directly to little india and eat my heart out and ask me mum to cook south indian everyday!!! ; ) if u come to belgium, do come and visit us and bring some indian food in alot of tupperwares ok heheheheh


Waa after such lavish compliments and pleading post, bet you must be rewarded with even more goodies!


Oh, so that's CKLEE!

teckiee pork leg? Can I meet your aunty? hehe

l.lemongrass: i tell ya... i cant find this kind of taste at restaurants. i miss her cooking so much!

p.pea: hahahahaha hmm yeah hor

rokh: but whos going to cook the homecook for us?

mush: hahaha ok I wont be able to bring the food, but im sure i can bring the ingredients over and make fresh ones for you ;p

tummythoz: hahahaha I wish! My intern left the company last month liau.

jason: KCLee la ;p But yeah... thats the one I tried and fell in loved with.

d'Frog Prince

OMG!!! my mouth water just looking at those delicious food.

i loves indian foods. had a feast when i went to india. there are some wonderful ones in rawang, klang and pj.

Serge Norguard

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