Monday, November 03, 2008

Cream Cheese

I think there should be more than 10 people who is reading this blog that have baked a cake using cream cheese before. Can anyone share with me their secret on keeping the cheese edible in the fridge?

I know for sure cream cheese aren't freezable. I learn it the hard way as mine ended up all clumpy lumpy humpty dumpty I had a great fall when I froze it. (Then later on I notice that there are instructions on my cream cheese packing that read Do Not Freeze ...heh -_-") So how to you keep them after you have removed them from the pack?

I really don't want all of my cheese to turn up like this!

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19 pieces of worms:


That's GROOSSSS loh! hahaha!

Actually I also wanna find out how to keep the cream cheese! Cause the bigger block the cheese, the cheaper it is... wanna buy and store!


that looks like some rotten human brain! Try putting 'em into the fridge?

BTW, how's garmin gps? You bought it yet?

Precious Pea

Eeeyuckkksss!!!!!! That is bluer than blue cheese! Maybe you can consult Nigel?


Wow. Live art.

Sorry, even pasta sauce turns mouldy on me. =,(

Lyrical Lemongrass

Ah, reminds me of a whole bunch of things in my fridge that probably resembles that too.


When I just scroll down ur photo without reading ur words, I thought it was some sort of cakes *vomit*faint*puke*


I oso think nigel or fbb or bbo the best candidates to ask. =P




as far as i know, you cant keep cream cheese for too long, so use them up ASAP once opened!!!


hahaha ... din put that into the
DARE ME TO EAT section?! =P


So, who's the real kok ???


Great idea to start blogging about inedible food ;)


if u buy in a big block, make sure u use a dry knife to cut the block u wanted and store it in multiple layers of plastic. be sure there is no droplets of water in the plastic. don't keep the cream cheese too long - not more than 2 weeks if you buy in a big block.


So weird hor... if we can't keep them for too long, then how the supermarkets keep them?


O_O i tot it looked like blueberry muffin! :D

Ms. _____ 2 be !

o god, I can't look at them, I'm eating at the!
How long you kept them?


Kok: yeah me too! but i always end up most of it cos they grow blue!

Hurley: Was already i the fridge lor. The Garmin? Nope not yet. I'm waiting for my bonus then I'm game!

P.Pea: hHAHAHAHa yeah man.. way blue'er than blue cheese.

Tummythoz: yay! someone who actually think about the art! i wasn't groosed out by it but i thought about the art part too ;)

L.Lemongrass: LOL! When was the time you cleaned out your fridge?

mimid3vils: hehehe sorry.. i hope you are feeling better now

Nat: yeah remind me yah.. and dont worry.. the cheese stuff i make for the gang for not from this blue piece haha. i miss u... come back from bkk quick!

babe_kl: hmm guess nothing i can do but to finish baking them.

J2Kfm: hahahahha i dont wanna die early!

Kok: I know way too many Kok.. esp ones which have been/is in Australia :)

Hazza: hm... but i think i'll chase readers away ehehehe

Amelia: ahh man.. 2 weeks? ok thanks for the tip.

Jason: still in the vacume pack i guess

xin: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH damn.. i should have bluff my readers 1st

Ms. _____ 2 be: hehehe i forgot.. a month maybe?


I really really thought it was some blueberry cheese cake you baked! Hahaha...


1 tips for you: ur spoon or utensil u use to scoop/touch with the cheese must be 100% dry :)


i normally use the 250g packs. so once open, used all.

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