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It’s been quite sometime since I have met up with Sid and Sunny of Big Boys Kitchen, so when I got a call from Sid for makan, I marked my calendar. This round of makan was at Prince Hotel's Japanese Restaurant, Enju.

The folks from Prince Hotel greeted me when I arrived. The other lot arrived 45minutes later! ... the traffic jam was really bad that day.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, I did my photo taking around Enju.

From the entrance to the sushi bar.

And manage to have a look at the private function room could accommodate up to 8pax. If you noticed, there's a sliding door which connects to a smaller private room which fits 6 people.

I spent the remaining of time time chit chating with the friendly and down to earth folks of the Marketing and Communication team at The Prince. Soon after, the rest arrived and we started dinner.

Gindara Tamagoyaki (RM52). Alaskan black cod grilled with egg yolk and cream cheese. The over all taste was good but I found the fish slightly overcooked which made the texture of the fish slightly rough.

Shirako Dofu (RM28) Cod fish roe tofu topped with nori, bonito flakes, wasabi and light shoyu was quite good. I noticed the sauce was more fragrant compared to the ones I have eaten before.

This maki was one of my favorites for the night. Crispy tempura salmon, mountain yam and nori roll with wasabi shoyu (RM28). It reminded me of the delicious butter chocolate checkers cookies I had once but only this was salmon and Japanese yam.

Papaya Bakingyaki (RM34) is baked Hawaiian papaya filled with seafood, cream cheese and mushrooms. Two thumbs up! The papaya ripe sweet papaya went really well with the prawns, chicken (which is stuffed at the bottom of the fruit) and cheese. Kind of a weird combination when you look at it but I tell you, good stuff.

Tempora Moriawase (RM32) The assorted fired seafood and vegetables was quite likable. I loved the yam as the chef knows how to pick good powdery textured yam.

Fugu Mirin Boshi (RM28). This Sweet vinegar grilled puffer fish is the bomb! Looked like dried BBQed pork meat, but tasted way better! The meat is loose, salty from the marinade yet sweet from the fish.

California hand roll. Something quite common. What was uncommon for me was the usage of avocado in them.

Sashimi platter. A combination of the Sushi Moriawase Take (RM125) (handmade sushi and sushi rolls) and Sashimi Kirei (RM95) (Assorted sashimi). Loved the sashimi because the slices are thick! Slurp!

Unagi Kabayaki (RM45) I didn’t manage to try the grilled eel with the Chef’s special una sauce! *boohoo* I was busy chit chatting and taking pictures, but I did hear a lot of complements on this unagi dish.

"It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad and blue" This is the snippet of the one hit wonder Sukiyaki. I wonder if this is the reason why Sukiyaki is made sweet. Sometime to remember the sweet memories? Anyway, we were served two pots of Sukiwaki. This pot a chicken Sukiyaki, and the bottom a beef version.
Australian beef Sukiyaki (RM65) which I found a wee bit too sweet for my liking how ever there are these little Japanese seaweed and yam gelatin in them which was quite chewy. They added a nice texture to the soup.

The Chicken Sukiyaki (RM45) which soup base was the same as the beef version.

The green tea ice cream went round the table for photo taking but I believe no one tried it because be were being a typical food blogger. Feed the camera LOL!

Goma Ice Cream (RM20) This rich black sesame ice cream was something to die for. All the other black sesame ice cream I have eaten before isn’t that smooth compared to this one. Even though I was already so full, I somehow found stomach space to savor this fragrant black sesame ice cream.

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"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm i think the use of avocado is getting more common..first saw it in australia a couple of yrs that creamy texture to the sushi..


That's a loads of stuff for 3 person! And is my eyes playing tricks on me or did I see the sign saying Enju?


Not a great fan of Japanese food but do enjoyed it somewhat. Have salmon sushi with mango slices in JB last week. Interesting mix as with the avocado!


wow look at the shiny unagi man! im drowning in my own saliva now


That first dish pictured .... the Chef must have a warped phallic sense of humour!


Papaya Bakingyaki!!!
the prawns are enjoying in the tub of cheese ? :p


papaya + prawns & yam + salmon are new to me :P

I love goma ice-cream too, actually I love everything made from black sesame :)

ck lam

Came across your nice blog with all the yummy food...I love Japanese food and I would want to try the Fugu Mirin Boshi.

Heard so much about this fish but have yet to try it.


Very thorough commentary and nice pics, too!

Avocado is standard in most California rolls- I think it's only in Malaysia that it's not commonly used. Maybe because avocados are scarce and have a short shelf-life.

Source: Most recent trips to Japan and Wikipaedia.


joe: dunno la.. i dont really like the avocado with sushi... bland

jason: hehe corrected that

worldwindows: oh mango?...nice.. should be nice than avocado ;p

xin: tell me about it.. i cant believe i didnt try!

hazza: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH no comment

ling239: cheese hot tub hehe

mimid3vils: new to me too. both are good combos

ck lam: that you really need to try.. damn good

Implosion: ohhh thanks for the info .. i need to go to japan..haha

Keropok Man

how how, the green tea ice cream? looks yummy!

Simon Seow

Must go try the fugo and the mountain yam nori roll, quite special. Anyone buying me dinner?


Goma ice cream for RM20???

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