Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Another something along Jonker Street. Jonker88 recieved many reviews. I saw plenty of pictures on their cendol and a lot of good yummy review on it.

But...maybe I was expecting too much.

"Jonker Dessert 88, most popularly known as, Jonker88.com, is a cultural entity in form of museum café, legally formed on 1997 in Malaysia. Jonker88.com is the subsidiary of Jia Seng Art Gallery which was incorporated in year of 1986 in Melaka, Jonker Street, now known as Jalan Hang Jebat, headed by Jason & Johnson Yoong, family team are Jenny and CS Yoong, all born in Melaka"

Nyonya Asam Laksa (RM3.50)

Baba Laksa (RM3.50)

Baba Chicken Laksa (RM3.50)

Overall the laksas were nice. The three laksa had very rich distinct taste. However I would prefer if the Baba laksa has less coconut milk in the. ...then again, that wouldn't be Baba laksa minus the coconut milk. Hehe.

I was quite filled to I ordered a plate of Goreng-goreng with homemade Baba sauce (RM3) which reminded me of Penang Lobak. Fishballs, soya sheets (the foo choke), tou foo and some raw vegetables,.. the sauce that came with it was some peanut base sweet sauce.

Finally the Baba Cendol (RM1.80). A little dissapointed... I was expecting baboom stuff but this cendol was just alright for me. The sugar used was a different type of sugar compared to the normal black sugar. This was thick and stickier, very much like the 'mak nga' syrup. Maybe it's the Baba style that I'm not used to...

Ah well.. I will just have to return to Melaka and have more Baba and Nyonya dishes to find ones that really catches my taste buds!

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7 pieces of worms:


hhmm.. passed thru Melaka only once, didn't get to eat anything!
But i heard much abt the Mille Crepe there. Mayb u should try it..Nadjese or soemthing.. at Costa Rica hotel..


The noodles are cheap. Hard to find these kind of prices anymore in touristy Malacca.


I didn't try anything at Jonker except a bad popiah. = ="


I suppose nothing beats the original item in its' original place =)


omg... i want those laksas!!!


I tried the cendol at small shop opposite Hoe Kee Chicken Rice :)


thenomadGourmand: I heard about it too.. didnt have time to look for it

worldwindows: ok that i agree.

jason: eh.. old man uncle selling one ah? I read it was good.

daphne: haha yeah.

Christine: hehe go look fo laksa shank over there ;p

mimid3vils: I saw that stall! wanted to try cos it looked way better that the jonker88 one.

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