Thursday, November 13, 2008

Limau-limau Cafe

Is Melaka all about Chicken Rice Balls, Satay Celup and Satay Babi? Nope. Definetly not.

Limau limau cafe is located at No49 Jalan Hang Jebat aka Jonker Street. The first time I pass by this place I thought that this cafe was a bar selling alcoholic beverages. The whole cafe had a really nice wooden bar, tall tables outside and wooden bar tables inside. What I find interesting was this this bar actually sells fruit juices, blends, milk shakes and lassies.

I remembered my ex-intern mentioning about delicious banana juice in Melaka. She wasn't a food fanatic so she couldn't remember where she had hers. When I saw 'banana' on the chalk board out front, I knew I had to try the banana juice...or banana something here.

our drinks
From back to front: Mango and banana ice blended (RM9), Dragon fruit and lycee ice blended (RM9.90), Strawberry lassie (RM8.50), Oreo and Banana lassie (RM9)

All of the drink was actually quite good. The Mango and banana ice blended had a strong mango smell to it. I tasted the banana first, then the drink left a mango after taste in the mouth.

Dragon fruit and lycee ice blended was my least favorite. But I think that's only because I'm not a fan of lycee.

The lassies were good. The Strawberry was sourish yet sweet. The Oreo and Banana, superb! Initially me and my friend though that we couldn't finish the drink because the milk was going to bloat the stomach...and we had a really full dinner... but we actually managed to drink to the last drop!

Oreo and Banana lassie is a must to try at Limau-limau Cafe!

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ohh... so healthy fav!
reasonably priced too..perfect meal replacements ;p


hey. the last pic look scary. Hehehe :)

Big Boys Oven

I sure will adore this place, wish it was just next door!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm i remember spotting this place while walking along jonker st..

it did looked quite interesting..esp with the hand written menu being displayed at the shop front..


Kusahi_keat was pointing & pitching 'Teckie recommends! Teckie recommends!' when we were there weeks ago but we dragged him for beers instead. Now I regret a bit. =(

Keropok Man

i like the way you put the colourful drinks in a row.

I feel like having one of those now!

wmw the last pic.


Love all the drinks!
Makes me miss Asia!


haha....i took the was hard work to get the angle...


hey teckiee! how hv u been? Gosh, all those drinks and mention abt chicken rice balls makes me hungry.


I saw this place too but my friends were in a hurry, so I didn't managed to visit.


ooohh, the banana oreo lassie sounds sexy....

Nic (KHKL)

was in melaka last weekend...i agree lar. it's more than just chicken rice balls. so much good food there!

Lyrical Lemongrass

Good find. :-) I'm a big fan of anything banana. ;-)


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thenomadGourmand: On diet ah? But fruits are always healthy.

ekeng: What, because of me ah?

Big Boys Oven: Hahahaha move to Melacca?

Joe: Are you sure it's not the look of the bar that attracted you? hahaha.

Tummythoz: Aiyah, you should have listened to Kusahi_keat. But nevermind, there's always next time.

Keropok Man: It was a coincidence that we all ordered drinks of different colours.

wmw: Hehe of course la. Last pic only ah?

Degenerasian: Come back!

Anonymous Anonymous: Eh, really? Not really la. :P

daphne: Moving! I miss my house already. No more mee tiau for me.

jasonL: There's always next time.

sc: Sexy and smooth.. hahahah.

Nic: What else did you find there?

L.Lemongrass: ahh they have like banana every thing there. You should really go and try.

wallpapersdeco: A little too late. I painted my wall dark pink! But thanks for the info though.


omg, been here a whole lotta time :D
it really is awesome!
but it looks kinda diff now..

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