Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sotong Bakar

Remind me to make this during my next BBQ party. Sotong Bakar!

I could actually smell the fishieness of the BBQed squid from far away while walking down Jonker Street in Melaka. I love the smell and when I saw the whole sotong bakar action... I knew I had to try one of those.

RM7 for the big packet and RM5 for the smaller packet. If I remembered correctly, there were about 8 pieces of sotong in the small packet.

There's about 3 to 4 stalls selling these Sotong bakar. I just bought from the first stall I came across. I wonder if all taste the same. If I'm not wrong, the sotong needs to be marinated with some stuff first. I don't think the normal dried squid will taste as nice as this one.

The sotong bakar smell got it's way from Jonker Street, to my bag, and into the apartment. I tell ya.... my whole bag smelt of Sotong Bakar! But I'm not complaining la, smells nice...yum yum...though so might think there's old socks in my bag! haha!

Crunchy especially the tentacles, a little salty and a little spicy.... and very very fishie. If you are not a fan of the "saing" smell, this is definitely not for you.

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15 pieces of worms:


yes the jonker street sotong bakar..a mus have when i was there previously..going to go for more this year tempted with the smell


Slug a mug or 2 of cold beer with that and aaahhhhhh..


Yup, sotong bakar taste real good. I'll not forget this if there is a bbq.


I can almost smell the sotong just looking at your pics, haha! Very addictive stuff.


Dried or fresh squid, irresistible finger food when grilled!


i hope u r not chewing ur bag now... :P


Hi! Juz wondering, does it started out as fresh sotong and grill till like tht, or it was alrei the dried version n further grilled? Muz go Melaka soon...;p

Isabelle Marciana

I was in Malacca over the weekend. I ate sotong bakar too! I have the small pack at RM5 and I had it all by myself (my colleagues doesn't like the smell).. It tasted so good...

550ml jar of faith

Aargh! I can't believe I missed out on this on my two trips to Melaka this year! Looks like a third one is due before the year is out!


The stall only open at night? Sigh~~ I should stay until night when my last visit to Melaka so I can have some of this!!!


Isabelle Marciana: hahah hope you didnt get any bag smelling like it too ;)

550ml jar of faith: LOL! dont worr, Jonker Street is not going any where.

mimid3vils: yeah night time only.

thenomadGourmand: i guess is fresh.. then marinated, then dried, the BBQed

ling239: hahahahahah!!!!!!!! aiyorrrr ok.. i'm not thattt eat first think later la

worldwindows: sure is!

Pureglutton: haha..dont like the screen!

Julie: yeah me too.. will want to try to bbq that

Thummythoz: ahhhh you said it right.

Christine: hehe. jonker not going any where..go grab it when ever you are there.


halo everyone... i m a malaccan n i found there are only 2 stalls whose selling "sotong bakar" and there hav different price...i found the other stall selling very expensive (a packet for RM 10) and the another stall is selling cheaper (big pack RM 7, small packet 5) as shown at the don be cheat ya...


bro .. you have any idea where to finds this in KL ? searching all over the place but couldn't finds it ... thank in advance ...


Anonymous: thanks for the info!

Nizam: Not sure dude. Try Cheras pasar malan. Ada kut. (ps.. i'm female :P)


helo..i am malaccan oso..i like sotong bakar very much..i bought the cheap 1 cuttlefish that u mention is RM7 for big really nice taste salter n hangus..but i bought the RM10 per pack..thats is very very nice very delicious taste spicy n crispy...u hv to try it..different price different taste..

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