Friday, December 05, 2008

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

To honestly tell you the truth... I have not tried satay celup until that weekend a couple of weeks ago (well, maybe more than a couple of weeks... back log la haha).

Relying on Dave's GPS, we found our way to Ban Lee Siang. We passed by Capitol but the shop was really really full. Ban Lee Siang was full as well but they had more seats as the shop was larger.

45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka.. I think it's some where near Jonker Street but definitely not walking distant. 5.30pm till 12.30am

I did some research online and most of the reviews mentioned that Capitol and Ban Lee Siang taste the same.... or almost the same? So I guess it didn't really matter where I have my first satay celup.

One minute there is no one at the fridge, another minute the people started buzzing around the fridge. I was one of them of course.

What makes a nice boiling pot of satay sauce? Lots of groundnuts, sesame seeds.. and loads of saliva HAHAHA. Satay celup is not for one who is very particular with not having a common spoon. The pot is satay sauce continues to boil as long as there are customers having satay celup.. and when I say customers, I mean different customers sharing the same pot.

Ahem ..."Recycle, that's what you do, Recycle, don't let it go to waste."

I actually soaked a stick of "see ham" cockles in there but when I retrived the stick, at least 3 fell off. I tried digging for it but... ahhh I stopped because I didn't want to find anything weird in the sauce.

Anyway, putting all the see ham and saliva aside, the satay raw stuff.

More satay stuff. Most which was just so so. Processed meat, slices of chicken meat, fish, I think there were prawns... Dunk it in the pot and let the sauce do the cooking.

I only found 2 things I liked. The see ham, and the oyster mushrooms.

Overall, I don't like I fancy satay celup that much. The groundnut sauce was delicious but it can be really overwelming when you have the whole pot boiling cook your meats. Personal thing lah.. I like my steamboat and lok-lok. ...but ok la.. I wouldn't mind satay celup onces in a while.

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11 pieces of worms:


I've never celup before!:(


Same 'ere.

I LOVE satay sauce. But now kinda get the feeling that too much of it can ruin the meal...

However, won't know for sure unless I try it. heh heh heh...



I dare not eat this due to hygiene problem :P


Actually, I don't get it why it's so famous. It's just like lok-lok with different cooking liquid.

If the raw stuff were like beef/chicken/pork slices instead of processed food, then it's worth to try!


aiyer .... very gross lah.
still rmbr my 1st and last exp at Capitol way way back then.

very jelak feeling. too rich the peanut sauce.

i dont favour loklok anyways.


Capitol is always full of people. I am wondering why too.


me too no like the idea of peanut sauce keep boiling....XD


i dont find the satay celup impressive either. tried it once at capitol years back and never crave for it, ever!

Penang Tua Pui

the thing different between the lok look and the satay celup is .. one is plain water and one is satay sauce...

not only that........ lok lok plain water looks dirty when lots of seafood and siham is cook inside.......

but satay one... see nothing also... but still dirty la.... just we din see nia...

but i dun care.... i love both lok lok and celup hahahha....


kok: hm.. hard to find over there hor.. even in KL dont have. Only can find in Melaka

Nat: least i gave it a try.. not my thing too

mimid3vils: i was grossed out actually.. but.. ahh eat only lah

jason: hmm I think it's special in a way... but I wont have em everyday

j2kfm: i think its the peanut tht makes everyone jelak... was capitol nice? .. then again.. wrong person to ask ;p

allie: because it's a smaller shop?

ling239: how come most of the folks here dont really like.. but yet satay celup is so famous

sc: i dont think i'll crave for it too.. maybe lok lok.. but the satay sauce thing is a bit too much

Penang Tua Pui: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! true true!!!

David Lee

Wah.. nice item. But here all the items are totally new for me.

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