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If Choji Akimichi isn't fiction and is here in KL, Daidomon is the place I would bring him. For those who are not into animes, Choji is a Japanese animated character in Naruto and loves Yakiniku.... what is Yakiniku? Japanese style grilled meat!

Daidomon is located at level 3 of Great Eastern Mall along Jalan Ampang in KL. Daidomon opens at 11.30am to 2.30pm and from 6pm-10.30pm daily. I toured the restaurant before the food was served and found out that there are 7 private rooms named after the different locations in Japan. Interesting.

The buffet bar offers patrons lunch and dinner buffets. The "Oi Shi" (that means yummy!) semi buffet lunch ranges from RM30++ which includes free flow of appetizers, nigiri sushis and desserts. Buffet dinners on weekdays ranges from RM58++ for adults and for children RM25++.

Daidomon will also be introducing set bento lunches and also shabu shabu this month. For more info or reservation, Daidomon can be reached at 03-42528155.

What I also find interesting about Daidomo is the type of BBQ grilling pit setup at each table. The "ash free" charcoal is arranged at the bottom and lit by gas (I think). The gas is later turned off when the charcoal is burning.

The Japanese technology "smoke free tables" made dinning experience pleasant as there were no oil and smoke all over the place. I didn't exit the restaurant smelling like grilled meat ;p

First up the Mentai Mayo Kyuri aka Cucumber with Cod Roe and Mayonnaise (RM8) which was refreshing. I actually love Japanese cucumber by itself so the addition of Japanese mayo with cod roe wasn't the thing for me. But this plate of cucumber was finished fairly quickly so I am guessing the others loved it.

The Kani Tomato (RM8) however was my favorite starter for the evening. Do not under estimate these cherry tomatoes because the juices in them were naturally sweet. I could only think of two reasons for the sweetness, either the dark fish roe secrete the sweetness or some extra "magic" was added in the tomatoes. But whatever it is, superb stuff!

I tried the Nori Tempura aka Deep Fried Dried Seaweed with Sweet Sauce (RM5) a little too late. The center part tasted crispy but the sides were all soggy. Well, that's a food blogger for you feeding the camera before myself. I did like the crispy part though but I suggest for this to be consumed as soon as it is served to the table.

The Kinoko Butter aka Assorted Mushroom with Butter served in Hot Plate (RM12) was another dish I tried cold. I did like it though. The simpleness of the dish really made it work. Just butter and fresh mushrooms cooked just enough to have it juices moisten the outer layers of the mushrooms but the fiber still firm on the insides.

Saikoro Gyu Steak aka Beef Steak and Raddish with Sour Sauce in Hot Plate (RM20). The Gyu steak tasted really flavorful. I could actually taste the natural taste of the beef along with the sweet Japanese sauce used with it.. juicy at every bite. But I could do with a smaller chunk of beef because my mouth was filled with the beef and made chewing quite difficult. Then again, maybe I should have take bites of the meat instead of having the whole chunk at one go.. haha. As for the raddish, I'm still a little confused because I tasted raddish and raddish only. What happen to the sour sauce?

Ok, so before your start with any yakiniku action, you really should know how to cook your meats. The key to having good yakiniku is having fresh cuts, and knowing how to cook them. Since it's really DIY, it would be better to ask how well done your meat should be for the different types of meat.

I was told that majority of meats taste its best when they are medium well done. To cook a medium well piece of meat, you got to look out for the blood rising from the meat during the grill. Wait until the side of the meat starts to brown then flip it over. Grill it for another 8 to 12 seconds and it's ready.

We started off the yakiniku with Yasai Yaki Moriawase aka Assorted Vegetables (RM10). Very simple stuff from fresh vegetables. Took me quite sometime to get that yellow bell pepper to cook. And that orchid is for display only ;p

I tried the Negi Shio No Jo Tan aka Prime Tongue with Leek (RM40) next. The finely diced leek mixed with onions must first be separated from the meat. The thin slice of cow's tongue is placed on the grill to cook and later used to roll the leek. The meat was quite alright but the onion in the leek was a little overwhelming. I felt that it kind of killed the taste of the leek. My guess is that the onion is there to actually cover another smell/taste of the prime tongue?

Wagyu Tokujo Karubi aka Special Prime (RM140 for a 100g) *Cries* I didn't get to try this because the first table walloped it all down. Ahh well. But don't the meat look gorgeous?

The Karubi the Belly Tender (RM50) is another one of those flowered meat. When I say flower I meant the fat pattern on the slices of meat.

You see, when you have fat, you have the oil. And when the oil is more evenly spread across the meat, you'll get a more evenly moisten piece of the aroma from the fat is spread across the meat. Slurp slurp~~

This I like! The Lamb Nakaochi (Lamb Intercostal Meat RM18). I loved the slight hint of the lamb meat aroma when the meat is cooked along with the juicy fats on the sides. The succulent meat gave the taste, and the fats gave the meat its texture. I could have had more of these.

The Dachou aka Boneless Ostrich Meat is not available on the menu but can be requested. I enjoyed grilling the meat, especially after learning how to grill a medium well slice of meat. As for the taste, well, no fatty parts, so knowing how to grill your meat is the key for a better tasting meat. Thank Siau Yean for taking your time to explain to us n00bs on the ABCs and 123s of grilling meat on the for Yakiniku!

Thank you Ruzzana for the invitation to dine at along with the other writers at Daidomo. I enjoyed myself and will definitely return for the buffet dinners.

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the RM58 buffet dinner covers all of these as well?!!! even WAGYU?!

Ho Jiak

i think it is RM68++, wagyu not included


Been there. You definately had a better deal.


for the price, seems like a very good deal!


It's the beef that hurts, esp. the wagyu ones... Whether Japanese or Korean bbq. But some have a high threshold for pain of the wallet kind.


wahh, for that much within the price, I thinks it's very welcoming. Stylish course for Japanese. We have numbers of Japanese restaurant growing in Sabah too and one of them is Wagamama ( I think they have 4 branches here now).

How I wish we have Salmon here in our backyard.. yum yum :)

Big Boys Oven

nice nice nice, we miss that invitation :( we were away in Sg!


Hahaha... get someone to dress as Choji (cosplay) and you can bring him here!


Meat Meat Meat huh... @_@


wah.. that's what I call a real bbq!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Simon Seow

Merry Christmas! Tenji anyone? Go to Ivy's blog and find out.


even mushrooms on hot plate also turn cold ? o.O
how many of u are shooting that poor mushroom ? :p

Merry Christmas!!

ai wei

this is really a cool place for buffet. too bad i can't have them as they are mostly on beef ...

merry christmas!!!

Big Boys Oven

Just drop by from our busy schedule to wish our adorable galfriend a ho ho HO! Merry Christmas darling may this New Year 2009 brings you a lot men and joy!!! .... from us Sidney & Sunny


j2kfm, ho jiak, tummythoz, nomadgourmand, val: no la.. buffet is diff. All the pics are ala carte

worldwindows: yeah.. but can still go for the other meats ma

BBO: ahhh im sure Singapore have their own share of yummies =)

Jason: HAHAHAHAH need to find chubby fellar to dress up

mimid3vils: HAHAHAHha there's vege too

daphne: BBQ without all the smoke =) Merry Christmas to u too!!

Simon: i'm kind of in my broke seasion =((

ling239: hehhehe errrr i think 5 to 6 only but we really took along time hehe. Merry Christmas to u too!!

aiwei: they have other meats too. Merry Christmas to u too!

BBO: Merry Christmas to u too!


how you grilled the ostrich? i grilled mine a bit too tough


Vivien: you have got to grill till you see the blood all flowing out.. then flip.. let it barbecue for another 30 seconds and its ready to eat.


This is the worst place ever that i'hv been to.
lousy service, ask us to take the chopsticks and plates ourselves, food at the selfservice was never refilled, turned off the gas when we are still eating, keep asking us to pay and asking us to leave even we are still eating, the staffs cleaned the table in shorts and T-shirts, and a lot of items on the menu are not available. sucks !!

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