Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kedai Satay Xiang Ji

Okay okay, I know I know. Enough about food in Melaka already... but last one. Saving the best for the last.

Kedai Satay Xiang Ji aka Restaurant Fragrant Pork! (Or at least that what I think reads in the Chinese characters. Xiang Ji is located in 50, Jalan Portugis, just off Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat). You can get there by foot after your tour along Jonker street. Just call 019- 6278868 if you get lost.

I heard a lot about satay babi in Melaka but I was really skeptical when I saw this shop with this guy on the barbecue pit barbecuing for only one table of customers.

*I thought this was supposed to be famous. An empty shop?* I was anticipating for more customers.

Anyway, just sit and the satay babi will be served. No ordering of the satay babi is needed, the satay will continue to be served until you say the magic words "Stop little pit stop. And so the little pit stops barbeqing satay babi". (HAHA! for those who got that, good for you ;p, for those who didn't, go look for foodie fairy tales!) Eat to your heart's or should I say stomach's content for RM0.55 per stick.

This is definitely not to be missed. The pork was well marinated. The heat from the barbecue melted the lard and moisten the pork. The oil slowly fried the meat on it's outer layer till crips generating a slightly burnt aroma along with the fragrant smell of pork. *hmmmmmmm so so good!*

The peanut sauce can serve as decoration. Really. The satay babi was so darn good by itself. Having it with the satay sauce will only spoil the taste of the succulent pork satay.

Empty shop with out of the world pork satay... I will definitely be back for more!

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10 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

I can imagine the wonderful aroma especially when the pork oil melts and sizzle over the burning charcoal! Ahhhh...parfum!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i can imagine precious pea going to the pits to get herself sprayed with satay babi essence b4 going out! ahahaha

Penang Tua Pui

hahahaha.... so funny.....

okok... about the satay babi..... here is one of the great food lover Chai Lan, talk about satay babi when one of the Penang Food lover recommend him to try satay babi..

satay is malay food.. how good non-malay bbq also.. can't beat the malay.....

and the best on bbq on satay is beef and mutton....not PORK....

but to me.. I LOVE SATAY BABI......

we had one at Penang.. only sell 3 days......


"melted the lard and moisten the pork" ... I'm drooling and wet myself there.


Satay babi??? I never try this before since it's not available here! I want I want!


The lard is worse than the bite or whatever it means!


You just said the magic word, "lard"!

The "system" sounds like the one in Ipoh leh...

Simon Seow

The word is not fragrant pork la lol, is the boss's name, Jiong Kei in Cantonese. It's always the last character in the name of the owner then with Kei. For example, My name is Siew Ying Quin, so my shop will be Quin Kei.


I just back from Malacca and my friend never introduce this Satay Babi to me! Aiyo!
Must go try this on my next trip to malacca!


P.Pea: hahahah you are reminding me of the satay babi again!

Joe: HAHAHAH grosss!

Penang tua pui: har 3 days ah? what happen? tak kan beef and mutton can last pork cannot?

j2kfm: ....need a cup to contain that drool ;p~

Kok: come to KL!!! then we make a road trip to Melaka to eat.

worldwindows: Hm.. the bite is yummylicious.. worst than that is still yummy?

jason: hahaha ..not pok?

Simon: hahah soli lo. me is banana ma.

Allie: have just missed the yummiest of em all!

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