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Tanjung Bunga Fish Head Restaurant

The last time I ate at Tanjung Bunga Fish Head it was Nat's farewell. (Can't believe you are still in BKK, but awesome that the timing was right when you came back for my Bday!!) I miss this place.... but it's so far from my house now. *cries*

I was trying to get Tanjung Bunga's number for reservation when I wanted do reserve a table for Nat's farewell but I miss placed their card. I did a search on Google and guess what, so little is written about such an awesome Nyonya place. In the end I had to go there myself to make the reservation. I told myself that I would blog about this because people really need to know about this hidden gem.

Tanjung Bunga Fish Head Restaurant is located on the same road as Cheow Yang Coffeeshop. The row behind Kayu Nasi Kandar. No 117, Jalan SS2/6. And if you are searching high and low for their number.. here it is 03-78774531. They are open from Mon to Sun, 11.30 to 3pm and from 6 to 10pm. Closed on Thursday

My all time favorite, the Kerabu Fish Skin! (S RM10, M RM12, B RM15). Crunchier than jelly fish, sweeter than the scallops, more refreshing than a glass of iced honey lemongrass tea. 5 stars for this!

Kerabu Sayur Paku (S RM10, M RM12, B RM15) This is basically the pucuk paku pakis (fern shoots) stir fried with fermented beancurd and some other ingedients. A little salty and little spicy. When cooked properly, the paku pakis will turn out crunchy and sweet. Folks whop don't take vegetables will totally dig this.

The Tanjung Bunga Curry Fish Head (S RM20, M RM28, B RM38) which my parents like.. but not so my cup of tea. Somehow I don't really like this style of curry fish head. I know it looks like just another curry fish head, but you got to taste it. The sourness if from the large clump of pickled vegetable I think.

The dark looking Penang Fried Ichi Kabin (S RM10, M RM15, B RM20) looks that way because of the way it is marinated. This is another dish I really like in Tanjung Bunga. I burnt my lips many times before because I couldn't wait to get my mouth on to this chicken when it is hot out of the kitchen. The outer layer is crunchy and aromatic when you bite into it. The deep fried skin keeps the natural chicken juice in the chicken so you have to really be careful when you bite into it because the juice will squirt all over you/or in your mouth! Slurpppp!

Fried Crispy Sotong. (S RM10, M RM15, B RM20) If I remembered correctly, this was the first to go. The kids will love this, and since (if I remembered correctly) this was the first dish to disappear from the table, the "big kids" will love it too!

Last but definitely not the least, the Coffee Spare Ribs. I kind of forgot to note down the price, but it should be about the same as the rest. This you got to try with your hands and lick the bones dry. Usually one plate is not enough, so take my advice and just order 2 plates at one go hehe.

..damn.. I'm craving for the Kerabu Fish Skin now..

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coffee ribs? that's new. looks much like Marmite ribs though.

and the way you described the fish skin, had me salivating as well. :)


yum .. you should try their sambal prawns!
hey, nice site, lets exchange links

Simon Seow

New template? From white to black? Black is the new black? lol

Jom let's go eat the fish skin kerabu.

Big Boys Oven

I am a great fan for fish skin! I think I will love this too!
Hey! Happy New Year gal! fom us sidney & sunny!


j2kfm: yeah coffee. I like it because it smells like coffee but it's not bitter like coffee.

joycy: Ohh yeah that's not bad too =)

Simon: Hahaha ..see how la. I found a template i like.. trying to modify it a bit.

BBO: Happy NY!


Fish skin kerabu? The fish skin just cooked with boiled water?


happy new year teckiee!


we noticed the place whenever we go to chow yang coffee shop n ang kee but have never give it a that u have written about it, its definitely a must go place for us !


I have been to this place numerous times in the past (before i started blogging, hehe!) Yes, all those dishes u mentioned i have tried and they're good! The owner is a "Dato" - jovial old gentleman who's always in the kitchen dishing up the goodies! That was a few years ago la...not sure if he's still around.

550ml jar of faith

Fwoargh... fish skin kerabu! Definitely the first time I've heard fish skin being sung to such high heavens! I tend to pick the skin off fish... the gelatinous texture doesn't sit that well with me, but I'll take the coffee ribs, thank you!


Thank you so much for your effort to blog this restaurant. Like you, I love this restaurant as my dad introduced me to the owner way back in the 80's when they started in SS2. The cook is now his grandson.

I too misplaced their card and had to google. My fav dishes are the deep fried assam prawns and perut ikan.

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