Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yap Foh, the moving into a new home ritual

Ever wonder why it takes me ages to post a new entry these days?

I have recently moved to a new house, but not yet a home. (House = a shelter with my necessary needs to survive. Home = a shelter with my necessary needs to survive and the feeling of comfort with I am in it.) I feel so out of place right now. I have not completed my unpacking. So much drama at my new house...DoReMi came down with the house wasn't even ready, gramps were here for 2 weeks too!, my birthday w00t!, I fell sick and slept for 18 hours, house almost caught on fire... Phewwww exhale... inhale... exhale...

Anyway, away from the drama, and back to the interesting "moving into a new home" experience that I want to share. Not too sure if this is the original Chinese culture/tradition of "yap foh" (first day of moving into a new home ritual) because this is my first time experiencing the "yap foh" ritual.

Olden clay charcoal cooking stove is place in front of my house's entrance. Mom did the whole burning the charcoal thing. She let the smoke blow into the house and made sure the fire is burning high before my dad (as the head of the family) step over the fire and into the house.

Apart of the coin tossing (That's Dad's job), making sure the water flows (Bro's in charge) and lighting up all the lights (That's my role) (..not forgetting my sis who needs to carry metal aka cooking woks and pots into the house), Mom chuck a bunch of these to every corner of the house. In the living hall, dining room, bed rooms, kitchen, even the bathrooms!

Honestly, I have no idea what the mixture of beans, rice, tea leaves and rock salt does but I am guessing the weird colorful 'bijirin' sucks the evil away? HAHAHA OK.. it's only my guess. I know beans about this "yap foh" thing.

Mom bought a lot of these too... called "fatt kou" in Cantonese. "Fatt" in Cantonese kind of mean growing big. So the relation to the "yap foh" ritual would be for our future to grow big.. or some sort. For luck.

We even have two of these HUGE fatt kou .. FAT kou. HAHA. Imagine that in the fridge because my family ate fatt kou for days! And believe it or not the fatt kou actually last more than a week in the fridge. Mom took it out and made French toast with it.

Heh.. talk about food safety. HAHA.

As for the beans, we grew them into sprouts and fried them to eat.

I got'cha didn't I? Hehe! Of course we didn't! The mixture of beans, rice, tea leaves and rock salt were swept away and kept in a bag. We weren't suppose to throw them out yet to it has to stay in the house some where as long as it is in the house compound. This three beans got stuck in my bathroom drainage hole and I didn't bother to throw them out because ..well, there were suppose to stay in the house. After a week, Teckiee got a glimpse of her prologue "Teckiee's 2 cm bean stalk"


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New home! Renewal. Upgrade blog. It is wonderful for the spirit. Have not seen this yap foh practice before. Seen the Indian style where they boil a pot milk till it overflowed.

Precious Pea

So much drama eh??? Wow, you all follow lots of ritual. Mine was only the crossing over the charcoal stove. Don't worry, your house will transform into a home sweet home in no time.

Ehh...if you ever want to revamp your blog or change layout..please remember to save those side links. Mine gone when i revamped ended up i have to put it back ONE BY ONE. Almost burst into tears.


First time I heard of this. But then my family wasn't really into this a Hokkien culture?


Congrats on your new house/home! Wow, u really followed tradition to the T! I only had the charcoal stove crossing, hehe! Did u switch on ALL the lights the night before moving in? We did tat, lol!


congrats teckiee for successfully moved into your new house. it may take some time to turn it into a home :D

btw as with the beans, you can plant them so that they'll grow into a giant bean stalk!!! teckiee can then climb up the bean stalk to meet the giant above the clouds... hahahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wow didnt know got such a ceremony..maybe i shud record mine dwn soon...hahah and expect all the fatt kou too!

550ml jar of faith

How absolutely intriguing... particularly the bean mix! I suppose you could've eaten them if you really wanted to! Minimum wastage!


So big the fatt kou!!! hahaha!

You wanna revamp your blog? Hmm... too bad I don't have a time (I don't even have time to revamp mine), else, I can help. Unless you wanna pay a small amount of $, then I can recommend you someone.


if you all boil the beans mixture and ate it, does it mean all of you can't leave the house? :P just pondering he-he


o.0 never heard of this before, good one! well, I'm not a chinese, but I eat all chinese food hehe

Your 'dare me to eat this' - i think most of it is my favourites. Wait, wad about dog meat, sago worm, water millipede, bat.. hurmm those are very delicious too :)

Hopefully you'll get your 'home' soon :D


Wah so many things. I did mine by rolling & throwing in coins. Left those there for a month or so.

- ddkwh -

...bila open house la?! hahaha.

Simon Seow

I also need to revamp my blog. :p

When's house warming? Invite me wei.


worldwondows: ohhi thought only the Chinese have all this funny funny things we have to do to move into a new home.

P.Pea: I was thinking of scrapping the links? well i dont know la.. i think this layout makes the blog looks messy

nomadGourmand: hmm Hokkien or not I'm not sure.. but I think the charcoal thing is the same for all chinese

pureglutton: hahahah not that I want to follow.. mom said so have to do lor. Hmmm we had to leave house before 10pm..but turned off all the lights.

Babe KL: aiyah.. still parents place lo .. I wont be moving so far from PJ is it was my own place ;p

joe: hehehe if you really follow tradition.. i guess there's more you will have to do.

jar of faith....why 550ml?: hahaha i wouldnt eat them!!! dirty al.. its all over the floor and i used a broom to sweep them up.

Kok: yeahhh I was like "woahhh" when I saw them to. My mom had to pre order them. How much is small? hehe

rokh: HAHAHAHAHHAHAH but input process.. sure output already what ;p

Val: Honestly, when some chinese dont know about this yap foh culture.

Tummythoz: wahh you must be very "fatt" now ;p

dave: wait wait.. house become home only will start thinking of having one ...if not one night wii party at my place ;p (The old house now no furniture.. nice to have party wooo HAHAHAH)

simon: hahaha what is this.. self invite already like that. But yeah.. wait la.. not so soon ler.. haven settle in yet.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

Teckiee, better late than never right!? Congrats on your new home, hope you get comfy in it soon and share some pictures too = ) And if i dont catch u soon, happy Xmas and a successful New year teckiee!


How much is small ah? I go ask her and get back to you ok?


mush: hey meerry christmas to u too!

kok: ok .. can ask her to email me too

Big Boys Oven

wow you are now so far........far......the other side of town! lol! catch up catch up soon!


I know what those beans are for cos I did that too when I moved to this current place in Cheras. ^^ They said it's to "pik cheh" :P

Revamp the blog? Why don't just change the template? The links would still be there, unless you wanna change to another blog hosting.


BBO: yeah ma.. not 15mins drive away liua... it takes me 40mins to get to your place now

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