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Yeah Mei Stall, Jalan 1/77B

Happy New Year for all Eat First Think Later's readers! w00t!

So what have you got in your list of resolution? None yet? Half done? Well, you might want to add have this few below to your resolution because it's good stuff!

My colleague introduced this Yeah Mei Stall along Jalan 1/77B to me a couple of weeks back. The stall is located around Pudu area in KL.

If you are coming from Jalan Imbi, turn left after the traffic light right before Berjaya Times Square, go straight and you will see the stall around the corner on the left. Very easy to locate, but getting a parking space is a whole other question.

While having dinner, the boss shouted for tables to be setup "Lau Siong" (upstairs). I was kind of blur because this is yeah mei stall on the road side. Where's the "Lau Siong"? ...You see that 2 steps in the picture? Up the two steps you will reach the "Upstairs" pedestrian walkway. LOL!

The boss recommended a double boiled ginseng soup with we opted for the old cucumber soup instead because I was actually feeling feverish. I didn't want to have something too "hot" for the body. (Old folks says if you eat "yeah mei", the meat tends to warm up your body. I noticed that ginseng warms up my body as well. So two dishes combined will definitely make me a sick person) The old cucumber soup (with its cooling entities) was delicious and flavorful. The only drawback was that the soup was a little on the oily side... might be because of the chicken (fat) that was present in the soup with it was double boiled.

The curry wild boar. Well, the curry was fragrant but I think the curry can do more with the chilies. Then again, I was feeling hot that day, feverish body and taste buds (not like my taste buds can fall sick but you get what I mean hor?) might be telling me the curry need to be spicier. Texture wise, it's like having kampung chicken to the normal farmed chicken. The boar's meat a little bit more chewy and springy but I think some parts for the normal pig taste like this. Not too sure if I like the wild boar or not... I think I need to have the wild boar again and compare.

The monitor lizard on the other hand is something I know I like. I was expecting something with less meat but boyyyy this monitor lizard's meat is chunky. The meat feels like part one part beef and a part pork, with a light adult adult stingray texture to it. Hard to describe but nice. I like the way the meat is cooked too with the various herbs which made the sauce and meat savory.

I was excited when I came across the vertebra (I think it's called vertebra...right?) bone of the animal. Cool huh. I would have used my hands and suck the bone dry if I was eating at home ;p

When it came to the bill, I was actually surprise because all of the above was only RM21. Reasonable for yeah mei don't you think?

My same colleague who bought me dinner bought me quai lin kou (terrapin powdered jelly?.. not too sure what part of the terrapin this is made from.) the next day... just in case my body cannot handle the meat from the day before. Thank you ah Golden Pig hehe.

Had this a couple of times, it always made me cooler and more refreshed. This quai lin kou have other Chinese herbs in it so the taste is slightly different from the plain quai lin kou. I need the sugar syrup to go with this if not the taste would be slightly too bitter for me.

Eating quai lin kou is like living life. Usually at first taste, the quai lin kou is bitter, the same as my first view of life with I am miserable or unhappy. I dig into the quai lin kou for a second time, and later feel that it's not actually that bitter. The same with life when I pick myself up and try again. Pour the sweet syrup in and the quai lin kou instantly turns into something refreshing and good for the body. The same with life, when the people around me shower me with advice, support and love. know who you are...Thanks for being you, and thanks for still being a part of my life.

Happy 2009, wishing you all the best, and may your life be more like a sweet version of quai lin kou.

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Happy New Year teckiee. Wish you all the best in 2009.


Happy New Year teckiee! May next year be filled with even more intriguing food ;)


Some people say guai lin kou is made from the terrapin shell >.<

Anyway, Happy New Year!


Eww Ewww.. yeh mei is my bane...


With exception of curry wild boar. That oen to me is partial yeh mei. hehehe.



when when when?


Monitor lizard.... O.O *faint*

Anyway Happy New Year 2009!!!!


don't think i'll be able to stomach the monitor lizard. the word and sight of lizards freak me out!

Big Boys Oven

oh this is awesome~!!! I just love it! very heaty tho!


funny you prefer the monitor lizard over the wild boar meat. :)

guess the wilder it is, the tastier it gets?


I would love to do my version of wild boar curry? never had it that way before (and Sabahan is very fond of wild boar @ bakas)

and the monitor lizard.. I remembered when I was still studying in Selangor, (since not much people eating em, we can have it as our menu almost anytime :))

In Sabah, the most common cooking style for that reptile will be soup smoked lizard.. nice :D


I asked the GuiLingGou seller before about the shown on the cover..GuiBan(tortise shell)..Bitter taste is the "shang ti" & "tu pu ling"..all is body coolant. -golden pig- hehe


I think the modern guai ling gou does not have terrapin as ingredient anymore, just normal herbs :P


ekeng, sc: Happy 2009!

Jason: Chinese really know how to use every part of the animal's body to eat man..

Nat: hahaha i still remember the waterfall trip and the dinner we ate in Gopeng! hahahah

jackson: hehehe come to KL! eh we can go makan after K session leh.

YilingL: house lizards i dont like...but big crawling ones i like hehe

bbo: yeah..but take some cooling soup or something after that to balance it out.. not too bad

j2kfm: hahahahah no la.. i think the monitor lizard meat is nicer

val: oh goshhh thank you thank you !!! i'm going to hunt for exotic food with i'm in sabah mid this year.

golden pig: tortoise or terrapin?

vkeong: hahaha i think so too. but you still get the original ones from china in powder form.

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