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The history of meatballs making in Malaysia dated back to the post era the 2nd world war. There was a person named Khong Zing, originated from the district of Canton, China, left his homeland to the Peninsular Malaya for a better life. He commenced his venture by setting up him business in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, more precisely at Jalan Silang.

For some urgent personal matter, he went home where of his business had to be taken care for by Chan Fatt Kam. As the meatballs are of exceptional taste and quality, Chan does not face much difficulty to expand and further enhance the business. At the moment the show was situated in such a way that it was annexed to two other shop at the road junction. Henceforth, the regular customers have named it as "San Jian Chuang", translated to "Three Adjacent Shops". Now the name "San Jian Chuang" is well known and is synonymous to meatballs.

Thereafter Chan has passed on the are of making meatballs to one Yap See Chiew, the next generation to continue the are and to make available to the public, the exquisite taste of superior and quality meatballs, Yap has then set up his own establishment in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur of which is know as "San Jian Chuang". He has further branched out to Petaling Jaya (behind Mak Yee Restaurant) whereof most Petaling Jaya folks would patronize it for breakfast, especially weekends.

So... I'm guessing after all that, 3JC open their first non-coffee shop style outlet in Equine Park's Jaya Jusco in Seri Kembangan. 3JC's other outlet is at One Utama, a small one compared to this one.

I was kind of skeptical when my mom wanted to have dinner here. I prefer my coffee shop stuff in the coffeeshop. All this air conditioned coffee shop / hawker food restaurant thing just doesn't give me the "feel". But I guess I have to change that mindset... cos 3JC actually serves nice pork ball noodles the coffee shop way minus the coffee shop.

A big bowl of porridge which my sister ordered. I didn't taste it but I could smell all the goodies when it bowl was placed on the table. I like it when restaurants are generous with their portions and don't hold back on the ingredients. That oil on the left of the bowl, they are sesame oil, which made the porridge fragrant.

3JC Homemade noodles in dry sauce (RM7.90). If you opt for the normal yellow noodles or the queh teow, the bowl of noodles will cost RM7.20. But for the RM0.70 different, I'll definitely take the homemade noodles. The noodles were much nicer in the mouth and I felt that the noodles suits the sauce more compared to the yellow noodles or the queh teow.

3JC in Soup. RM7.60 for homemade noodles, and RM6.90 for the normal noodles. My first reaction to this bowl of noodles was... Where is the noodles?! I only see soup. Well, it's a big bowl and I'm glad I got plenty of soup because I loved the soup. I drank it all and guess what, I didn't drink water like a camel later because I don't think MSG was used.. or maybe just a small amount.

3JC Cuttle meatball in Soup (RM4.60). I prefer this meatball compared to the pork meatball that comes with the noodles. It's not that the pork one is yucky, it was ok but the added cuttle in with the pork added a few extra kicks to the bite and taste.

Do also try the Deep Fried Tau Foo (RM3.20). A very plain and simple dish but I like it for it's simplicity. Any more complicated recipe will just take the attention away from the very smooth tofu texture.

Oh and before I forget, and one who don't take 3JC or clear soup because the soup is too clear... you really need to have the chili because this is one of the nicer chilis you can find at coffee shops or restaurants. Heh bee pounded finely and cooked with chili. Nice.

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Enjoyed the history. Looking fwd to enjoy the present (noodles) soon. Good prices for the serving size in such an environment.

550ml jar of faith

Great to read about the meatball history! Those homemade noodles and chilli sauce would be so great to wake up to in the morning... like now...


Nice concept wit local coffee shop fares. Actually nearly went in the 1 Utama shop but hesitated as can't really see the shop unless walk uo a flight of stairs. Good comments. Will try and see.


I love 3JC pork balls especially the "cheong" :P


eh never realised they have history that runs deep.
tot they being another taiwanese fast food or something.

think Low Yat got one branch, is it?


pssstt i was told 3JC is not the ori San Jian Chuang. got legal tussle somemore.


tummythoz: hehehe lucky someone enjoyed the story. I got really bored typing the story from the pics i took of the menu

worldwindos: try the tofu! very smooth!

mimid3vils: ahh i like that too! My sis dont eat that so usually I whallop hers too.

j2kfm: yeah me too..until i read their story... not too sure about the branch.. but i think they have other branches out there.

babe_kl: Eh really ah? Kena sue?


i feel like pork noodles now. lol.


This is one of my favorite food around. First tasted it in Taman Tun's coffee shop.

As tempting as it is, somehow I keep having a mental image that this type of food should not cost more than Rm3.5.

That is why I keep bypassing the shop whenever I was @ Jusco Equine Park.



I heard that the 1U outlet is forever crowded during lunch time.

ck lam

Nice of you for introducing this place...I only know the corner coffeeshop in Imbi road to get this type of noodle and that place is forever packed.

Simon Seow

Hey the porridge look very smooth. Ah, must go try one day. Long time didn't eat porridge.

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