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Crystal Jade Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago my said "Let's have dim sum at Crystal Jade tomorrow". I was saying out loud in my mind "Dim sum? Ok... let's just see if this is all talk again". Why?

Only 1 out of 10 times when anyone suggests dim sum did we really have dim sum for breakfast. The rest if the time we spend our time;

Mom went to the market and got home late.
Change of mood. (Ya lah, having dim sum also must see the mood ma haha)
The butt apparently got stuck to the sofa and the eyes super glued to the TV.
We forgot that we were suppose to have dim sum.

This time, we all slept in and I was actually still in bed at noon. After all the "deli-dali" and the "ding-donging" we ended up at Crystal Jade Restaurant for dinner.

Crystal Jade Restaurant is located at The Gardens. Lot 210 on the third floor. Call 03-22833129 for reservations.

If you are there for dinner, you will notice that you will be ushered to the back of the restaurant where they have glass as walls. You can actually see the night view from there. Not very spectacular, but beats looking at the other tables.

I was quite disappointed that day. Even though we were that about 7pm, we were told that "Lap Mei Fan" was sold out! Chehhh.

Anyway, we opted for the Duck, Pork, Melon and Seafood Rice (RM30) which really really bland! The rice was cooked to perfection but honestly, I think I can work on a better sauce than this.

Thank god the Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms (RM22) was nice. I liked the texture that the crispy spinach gave the top layer of the tofu. The sauce filled with a nice fragrance of vegetable stock. Good stuff.

The Deep Fried White Bait Fish (RM16) was just so so. This fish dish should really have been ordered as a snack.

The Fried Yam Root with Fungus (RM18) aka "Lo Hon Chai" was another so so. Nothing great about it, nothing bad about it.

This "Siong Tong Yuin Choy" aka Poached Spinach with mushrooms (RM20) was good. I usually just finish the spinach and not take the soup, but this was different. I drank the flavorful soup till the last drop and didn't feel dehydrated later (No MSG)

Last but definitely not the least, meat!!! The Half Roast Duck (RM30) was awesome! If I knew this was so so good, I would have just pass on ordering all of the above and order a whole duck to eat. The skin was really crispy but not oily. The meat was tender and juicy. The sauce that came with it was "duckish" haha and wasn't too salty.

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read mostly so-so reviews abt this place, hence nvr bothered to step in! I guess there r hits n misses but more misses apparently?

Mr. Vee and Ms. Nicks

You should try their US Prime Black Pepper Beef..
It was the best menu I've ever tried in Crystal Jade.
Big and juicy cubes of beef with nice black pepper sauce..yumm..

Simon Seow

Long time I didn't go already, Crytal Jade. I only patron their Lot 10 outlet before.


the duck sure looks meaty and not over roasted


Was there once... but somehow the service was bad then. But to be fair, prolly it was new when I patroned there.

Which reminds me, how come all the good eateries I end up getting bad service one. ahahahha. Must be one of those moments la~. 555.



OMG, I just realised something. I haven't been to CJ yet! All these time I only been to Dragon-i.


yes, I do like Crystal Jade food..the ones in SG..Simply love their creations!


thenomadGourmand: more misses.. but i still want to try their dim sum.

Mr. Vee and Ms. Nicks: Ohh, I'll keep that in mind.

Simon: Was the Lot10 one ok?

Foodbin: yup..good stuff. As good as the duck in Imbi Palace.

Nat: Aiyar... u know, many restaurants here are not customer oriented lor.

Jason: LOL...u know just beside the restaurant there's a CJ restaurant just for la mien.. I want to try that out.

daphne: I think so too. Had Crystal Jade in Sg a couple of years ago.. but that was their dim sum tho.

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