Monday, January 19, 2009

Fatty Bom-bom

"Eh, no pineapple tarts from you this year? But I always get pineapple tarts from you :~("

"I want 2 containers of your peanut cookies ok?"

"Aren't you baking this year?"

Nope, I'm really not in the mood for any CNY baking this year. My oven is still BLAHHH, and I just moved, the house is a mess, ...I just want to rest. So don't expect any homemade stuff from me this year.

But of course, that does not mean No Goodies at Teckiee's. Inspired by Precious Pea's homemade char siew (You should really have her show you the picture. Perfect layers of meat and fat), I came up with this quick cook up finger food that can be easily served to anyone called Fatty Bom-bom!

All you need is "long yoke" aka "daging salai" aka BBQed dried meat, cheese, and toothpicks. Cut your long yoke and cheese into small squares (or circles, stars, diamonds ;p), and layer them up. Hold them together with a toothpick and arrange them on a plate to be served.

You can use pork (or chicken if you are entertaining Muslim friends) "long yoke". Try using the softer "long yoke", the ones which the meat are minced then made into the "long yoke". The whole strip "long yoke" tend have less moisture and hard.

For the cheese, try using soft cheese, or stronger (as in the smell) cheese. I used the Dutch smoked black pepper cheese which went really well with the "long yoke". I think Gorgonzola will go well with this as well.

Side track: I bought the cheese at Cold Storage in One Utama. The guy cutting the cheese reminded my sister of a Malay version of Gio, the Sandwich guy from Ugly Betty. I totally agree! I kind of had fun talking about cheese with him. LOL!

Hm... only thing missing how is a glass of red wine... slurp slurp. Goes well with red, or any booze!

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10 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

LOL!!!!!! Ok..those who wanna see my 6-layer char siu can go to my blog as i posted it yesterday. But Teckiee, yours look as good too leh. Still haven't got any long yuk for CNY yet. But i think it will goes well with iced beer too!!


OMG Chian... You better restrain me on that day...

Scared I can't control myself gobbling all up leh...


Precious Pea: 6 layer char siew??? =p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Drools*



oh gosh so sinful but something so interesting, i want try long yoke with cheese now! lol


good idea.


simple hor, no need baking & sweating~~


very creative! can i use cheddar cheese ar?

JC @ Jessey

long yuk = ba gua?? Wow.. what a combination ya.. I love ba gua~~~


LOL.. thats quite a short cut frm all the baking u used to do rite! But a really novel idea! Quick to make and faster to eat!


P.Pea: hahaha i think your looks way better...and i bet taste zillion times better!

Nat: ahh i'm going to make this for ze party!

rokh: wahahah ;P

foodbin: hehe and yummy too!

mimid3vils: yupyup.. simple and ..hahah good for lz ppl!

kampungboycitygal: can can.. i picked those stronger smelling cheese cos I lovee the cheesy smell.

JC@Jessey: hmm ba gua is shredded meat then fried dry in the work, long yoke is that whole piece of meat BBQed =)

thenomadgourmand: hahah thats for lz ppl like me! (and maybe you too? hehehe)

Big Boys Oven

wow this is awesome, how about teying to grill them a bit, might taste better! ;)

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